In the absence of leadership and funding from the federal and state governments, a number of cities across the country have stepped into the gap by providing city-wide early childhood learning and care. To date, however, no city in Minnesota has done so despite the proven benefits to both children and the community as a whole.

The Saint Paul City Council seeks to explore how we can achieve a city-wide program that will yield great returns for children, families, business, and the community at large. Early childhood education helps eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps, decreases the poverty rate through support of parents, and provides an economic boost for families who no longer have to worry about the expenses of care for their preschool age children.

On July 27, 2022, the City Council passed Res 22-1183, which establishes the creation of an Early Learning Legislative Advisory Committee.   

Description: The limited-term legislative advisory committee will work with the Saint Paul City Council and the City to: 

  1. evaluate a locally governed program to ensure universal and equitable access to early care and education for all Saint Paul children (the "Program"); and
  2. explore public funding, and any other relevant funding options, for the Program, including the possible use of public dollars.

The Committee is empowered to make recommendations to the City Council on the potential design and implementation of the Program and, if appropriate, to propose legislation that would establish the Program. The Early Learning Legislative Advisory Committee will present its recommendations and any related draft legislation to the City Council no later than March 26th, 2023. 

Leadership and Staffing: The Council will select a chair to guide the work of the Committee and provide staff to support the work of the Committee. 

Saint Paul Residency: Preferred. 

Meeting Calendar: The Committee is anticipated to meet biweekly on Thursday evenings (subject to change). The Committee will review and adopt a proposed work plan and schedule at its first meeting.

Meeting Location(s): Meetings will be conducted in person pursuant to Minnesota Open Meeting Law, Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13D: Meeting locations will be determined by the Committee. 

Last Edited: September 29, 2022