ROW Maintenance Assessment

What does the Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance Assessment pay for?

The ROW maintenance assessment pays for the maintenance of streets, alleys, sidewalks, lighting and trees within city right-of-way.

What does it NOT pay for? (Services that are the property owner’s responsibility)

  • Shoveling of sidewalks
  • Plowing of alleys
  • Mowing of boulevard grass
  • Repair and replacement of outwalks
  • Repair and replacement of driveways
  • Repair and replacement of hard-surface boulevards
  • Replacement of downtown sidewalks

What policies are in place for the ROW Maintenance Assessment?

The City of Saint Paul is authorized by state law (Minn. Stats. Ch. 429) and its home rule charter (St. Paul City Charter Ch. 14) to specially assess properties for maintenance services provided in street and alley rights-of-way. The policy below was adopted by Resolution #11-1098.

Right of Way Maintenance Assessment Policy

What is the Above-Standard Lighting Charge?

Included with the ROW assessment is an additional assessment for the annual operation and maintenance of the city’s above-standard lighting system. The charge pays for electricity, repair, replacement and painting of decorative street lighting fixtures in above-standard lighting districts downtown and in outlying commercial areas. Only properties currently located in above-standard lighting districts are billed for this service. Only invoices showing a charge under “Class 7” are subject to the above-standard lighting assessment.

How is my ROW assessment calculated?

The amount charged to a specific property is calculated by multiplying the appropriate rate by the property’s frontage along the city street or alley (the assessable frontage).

For example, for a typical residential property with 48 feet of assessable frontage on a residential street (Class 3) and 48 feet of frontage on an alley (Class 4), the total assessment would be 48 X $3.80 plus 48 X $0.86, for a total assessment of $223.68.

The recommended and proposed rates are available on the ROW Public Hearing Notice below.

What if I think my assessment is incorrect?

If you believe your assessment is incorrectly calculated, contact Real Estate/Assessments at 651-266-8858image.

Where can I get a copy of the public hearing notice for the ROW assessment?

The City does not reprint public hearing notices. Below is a sample notice that provides the relevant information for the public hearings scheduled to ratify assessment rates for 2016 services and to consider proposed assessment rates and service levels for the 2017 program.  The 2016/2017 Notice was mailed in September, 2016.

2016/2017 ROW Public Hearing Notice

When does the City bill me for the ROW assessment?

The City mails the invoice to property owners each year in October.

When is my ROW assessment payment due?

All payments are due by November 15, 2016. If you do not pay by that date, the amount due plus interest will appear on your 2017 property tax statement.