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Description of Task Force

The Streets and Utilities category covers projects often associated with Public Works, including improvements to streets, bridges, sewers, lighting, and stairways. Examples of past projects include Burns Avenue lighting improvements, Morton Street stair reconstruction, Raymond Avenue traffic calming, and the Lafayette Bridge replacement. Recently technology projects, including the City’s new integrated finance system, and a real estate asset management program have also been included in the Streets and Utilities category.

Streets and Utilities Task Force Project Binder and Other Information


    Bus Tour - April 4, 2015

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    March 3, 2015

    White Bear Avenue/Rice - Sycamore to Pennsylvania/Rice - Pennsylvania to University

    Battle Creek/Randolph Avenue/Raymond Avenue/Payne Avenue

    West 7th Streetscape - Phase 1

    Territorial Road Equitable Use

    Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Improvements in Snelling-Selby Area

    Pelham Boulevard on Grand Round

    Como Avenue Improved Lighting for Pedestrians

    Follow-up/Action Items

      March 10, 2015

      Margaret Street Bike Boulevard & McKnight Road Trail Design

      Maryland Avenue/Phalen Boulevard at Mississippi/Phalen Boulevard at Olive/ Safe Routes to School

      Safe Routes to School - Plan Development

      Prince Street & Trout Brook Road Extensions - ROW & Design

      Pierce Butler - Lexington Parkway Bicycle Connection

      Pascal Saratoga Street Bicycle Connection

      Charles Avenue Bicycle - Pedestrian Boulevard

      Bike Rack's on Saint Paul's East Side

      Improvements to Ruth St./I-94 Bridge

      Follow-up/Action Items

        March 17, 2015

        PED/Bike Crossing to Pig's Eye

        Cleveland Avenue Lighting Improvements

        Street Lighting Improvements (Wall Street between 5th Street and 7th Street)

        Street Lighting Improvements (East 6th, Eichenwald, Maple and Hope St.)

        Vacation of East 6th Street between Mounds Blvd. and Maria Ave

        Mounds Boulevard Promenade Redesign

        Follow Up:

        March 24, 2015

        Central Corridor Sidewalk Completion Fund

        Montgomery Street Reconstruction from University to Wabash

        Public Works Bridge Presentations

        Kellogg Boulevard/Third Street Bridge - Design

        White Bear Avenue Bridge

        White Bear- East Seventh Turn Lanes

        Follow Up and Action Items

        March 31, 2015

        Higher Ground

        Rice Street Traffic Study

        Greenbriar Bike Boulevard and Bruce Vento Connection Preliminary Design

        Payne Avenue Overlooks into Swede Hollow

        Railroad Island Neighborhood Signage

        Downtown Sidewalk Tree Preservation

        Grand Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming

        Pedestrian Safety Flag Project

        Signalized Crossing for Eastern Heights Elementary

        Point Douglas Road Reconstruction Phase 1

        Replacement of Hazelwood/I-94 Bridge

        Sidewalk to Battle Creek Recreation Center

        Follow Up and Action Items