Street Maintenance Service Program

Changes are coming to the City of Saint Paul’s Right-of-Way Maintenance Assessment.  A new Street Maintenance Service Program has been proposed for 2017.

How the Street Maintenance Service Program impacts you

How is the Right-of-Way Maintenance Program changing in 2017?

  • The Right-of-Way Maintenance Program has now become the new “2017 Street Maintenance Service Program.” 

  • The amount the City will charge property owners for maintenance services is expected to be reduced – for most property owners total fees will be less than half of the amount assessed under the Right-of-Way Maintenance Program. In years where a street receives seal coating or mill and overlay, fees may be comparable to the current Right-of-Way Maintenance Program.

  • The City will continue to provide the same maintenance services provided under the Right-of-Way Maintenance Program:

    • Street lighting (repair/replacement, electricity)
    • Street sweeping (frequency depends on type of street)
      • Downtown - 64 times/year
      • Commercial/arterial - 8 times/year
      • Residential - 2 times/year
      • Oiled/paved alleys - 1 time/year
    • Seal coating of residential streets and alleys
    • Mill and overlay of commercial/arterial streets
    • Tree trimming and removal
    • Snow plowing and patching of streets
    • Other enforcement

  • BUT property owners will now be charged a direct fee for:

    • Street lighting – once each year
    • Street sweeping – once each year
    • Seal coating – only as needed, generally every 8 years
    • Mill and overlay – only as needed
  • Other services will now be paid for by the City’s general fund which is supported by property taxes.


How are the fees calculated?

  • As with the Right-of-Way Maintenance Assessment, the new street maintenance fees will be based on multiplying a property’s street frontage by a rate per foot. That rate will be set to recover the full cost of providing the services.

  • The long-side frontage for residential properties with multiple frontages (i.e. corner lots) will no longer be exempt from the maintenance fees. BUT, residential properties with 1-4 units and multiple frontages will now receive a 50% discount on their fees for lighting, street sweeping, and seal coating.

  • For mill and overlay projects, the fee will be calculated so property owners will pay only 50% of the service cost.


How will property owners be billed for these services?

  • The City will mail separate invoices for each of the following services:

    • Street lighting and street sweeping – once each year in early September
    • Seal coating – soon after the work is completed
    • Mill & overlay – soon after the work is completed
  • For the new Street Maintenance Service Program, there will be no public hearing notices or City Council action before the City mails invoices for the service fees. Once the invoices are mailed, the charges will be visible on the City’s assessment webpage.


How much time will property owners have to pay the invoices they receive for these services?

  • Owners will have 30 days from the billing to pay the fees, if they choose.

  • If owners don’t pay within 30 days, the fees will be collected through an assessment.


How will that assessment process work?

  • Soon after the 30-day payment deadline has passed, the City will send property owners notice of a public hearing to approve the assessment of unpaid service fees.

  • The City Council will approve the assessment at a public hearing.

  • There will NOT be a second invoice sent after the assessment is approved.

  • In late November the City will send to Ramsey County the service fee amounts (actual charge plus interest) to be placed on owners’ property tax statements the following year. If the assessment is for multi-year projects, such as seal coating or mill and overlays, only the annual installment plus interest will be sent to the County.

  • If a service is completed in the fall of the current year, any assessment for that service would likely be approved the next year. The charge would then appear on the property tax statement the following year.

  • Seal coating fees that are assessed can be paid over 8 years plus interest.

  • Mill and overlay fees that are assessed can be paid over 10 years plus interest.


What maintenance services are not provided or charged for under the new Street Maintenance Service Program?

  • Like the Right-of-Way Maintenance Program, owners will continue to be responsible for the following services:

    • Shoveling sidewalks
    • Plowing alleys
    • Mowing boulevard grass
    • Repairing and replacing outwalks (narrow sidewalk between main sidewalk and street)
    • Repairing and replacing driveways
    • Repairing and replacing hard surface boulevards (concrete or asphalt boulevard area between main sidewalk and street)
    • Replacing downtown sidewalks


Who can property owners contact for more information about the Street Maintenance Service Program or the fees owners will be charged?

  • For fees, invoicing and assessment information:

    • Financial Services – Assessments Section – 651-266-8858

  • For street and alley maintenance services:

    • Streets and alleys – 651-266-9700
    • Sidewalks – 651-266-6120
    • Lighting – 651-266-9777
    • Boulevard tree maintenance – 651-266-6400



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