December 23, 2021 Update on City Worker Vaccine Requirement

On December 23, 2021 the City received orders from the Ramsey County District Court to temporarily suspend implementation of the City’s Vaccine Requirement Policy for city workers that are members of three City unions pending further order from the Court. This order comes amid ongoing lawsuits with those unions regarding the City’s implementation of its COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Policy.  

In response to these orders, pending the outcome of this litigation, we are taking these steps pending further orders from the court: 

  • The City of Saint Paul will postpone enforcement of the Vaccine Requirement Policy citywide. 

  • Our Department of Human Resources will continue to accept proof of vaccination and attestation from city workers who wish to voluntarily provide this information. 

  • Our Department of Human Resources will postpone accepting new requests for medical accommodation or religious exemption and will postpone processing all existing requests for accommodation or exemption.

We are continuing to follow public health official guidance, and understand the spread of COVID-19 has created an array of employee questions including concerns of exposure to the coronavirus, the practice of social distancing, and adapting to changing family circumstances caused by school closures, sickness, or isolation of a family member.   

This page is meant to answer common questions related to employment and may not apply to all cases. If you have questions not addressed here or you have specific questions, please email with your specific issue to be addressed by a member of the HR COVID‐19 Task Force. This page is fluid and additional information will be added as it becomes available.  

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