Firefighter Tutorial Information

This information was last updated on May 15, 2018. 

General Information

Firefighter/EMT Tutorials will provide information and strategies to help you prepare for the June 1, 2018 Saint Paul Firefighter/EMT written examination. Tutorials will also give you an opportunity to meet a Saint Paul Firefighter/EMT, take a short practice quiz and ask written  exam questions. Tutorials are FREE for all applicants. You are not required to attend a tutorial. Space is limited; register early to reserve a seat. 

Tutorials are approximately 3.5 hours long and include:

  • Instructor led PowerPoint presentation with written exam information and strategies. 
  • A short practice quiz
  • Opportunity to ask written exam questions
  • You must bring your preparation guide to the tutorial. A preparation guide was available if your Firefighter/EMT application and payment were received by May 11, 2018 at 4:30 pm. 

The same tutorial will be given at five locations at various times. Please click on the individual session you wish to attend to register on the calendar below. 

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Day  Date Location(s), Tutorial Session Time Status
Monday 4/30/2018 Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m Closed
Wednesday 5/2/2018 Hazel Park 4:00-8:00p.m Closed
Thursday 5/3/2018 Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m Closed
Friday 5/4/2018
  1. Arlington Hills 9:00-1:00p.m
  2. Wellstone Center 4:30-8:30p.m
Saturday 5/5/2018 Highland Park 10:00-2:00p.m Closed
Sunday 5/6/2018    
Monday 5/7/2018 Wellstone Center 4:30-8:30p.m Closed
Tuesday 5/8/2018 Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m Closed
Wednesday 5/9/2018 Hazel Park 4:00-8:00p.m Closed
Thursday 5/10/2018 Wellstone Center 4:30-8:30p.m Not available
Friday 5/11/2018 Rondo 10:30-2:30p.m Closed
Saturday 5/12/2018
  1. Highland Park 10:00-2:00p.m
  2. Rondo 1:00-5:00p.m
Sunday 5/13/2018    
Monday 5/14/2018

Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m

Not available
Tuesday 5/15/2018 Arlington Hills 4:00-8:00p.m Not available
Wednesday 5/16/2018 Wellstone Center 4:30-8:30p.m Closed
Thursday 5/17/2018

Rondo 10:30-2:30p.m

Friday 5/18/2018 Rondo 10:30-2:30p.m Open
Saturday 5/19/2018 Highland Park 10:00-2:00p.m Open
Sunday 5/20/2018    
Monday 5/21/2018 Wellstone Center 4:30-8:30p.m Open
Tuesday 5/22/2018 Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m Not available
Wednesday 5/23/2018 Arlington Hills 4:00-8:00p.m Open
Thursday 5/24/2018

Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m

Not available
Friday 5/25/2018 Arlington Hills 9:00-1:00p.m Open
Saturday 5/26/2018 Memorial Day Weekend  
Sunday 5/27/2018 Memorial Day Weekend  
Monday 5/28/2018 Memorial Day Weekend  
Tuesday 5/29/2018
  1. Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m
  2. Arlington Hills 4:00-8:00p.m
Rondo-Open, Arlington- Not available
Thursday 5/31/2018 Rondo 3:30-7:30p.m Open
Friday 6/1/2018 Firefighter/EMT Written Exam  

Note: If you have not applied for the Firefighter/EMT position or if your Firefighter/EMT application is incomplete after May 11, 2018 at 4:30 pm, you may not register or attend a Tutorial. Your Tutorial registration(s) will be canceled. 


Tutorial Locations:

Arlington Hills Library

Hazel Park Recreation Center

Highland Park Library

Rondo Community Library

Wellstone Center

1200 Payne Ave Saint Paul, MN 55130

945 N. Hazel St. Saint Paul, MN 55119

1974 Ford Pkwy Saint Paul, MN 55116


461 N Dale St Saint Paul, MN 55103 (Free Parking in Ramp)


179 Robie St East Saint Paul, MN, 55107 (Free Parking in Ramp)

Community Room B

Multipurpose Room

Community Room

Multipurpose Room or Flex Room

Westside Room 272

Firefighter and EMS Exam Map

Cancellation Information
To cancel or reschedule, please contact Parks and Recreation at 651-266-6400 or email in Human Resources.