5.A - Filing Applications

Applicants must complete applications furnished by the Office of Human Resources. No applications shall be accepted after the deadline specified in the official announcement; however, incomplete applications may be amended. Applicants, eligibles and employees must notify the office of changes in address. Applicants must comply with all laws and ordinances in any way affecting employment in the positions for which they apply. The Office of Human Resources may require the presentation of certificate of competency, licenses, or other evidence of special qualifications.

5.B - Age

Except as otherwise provided by State Law, the Human Resources Director may, at the director's discretion, fix any reasonable age limit as a requirement for entrance to examinations. Such age limits shall be published in the official notice of examinations. No person shall be kept on an eligible register whose age does not conform to the age requirements.

5.C - Education

In any examination in which the applicant intends to fulfill the minimum requirements with an academic degree, applicants may be admitted to the examination if they are in their last school year prior to graduation at the required level in the required field; however, any such candidates who attain places on the resulting eligible list shall not be certified to any vacancy until they have graduated.

5.D - Residence

Applicants for original (non-promotional or non-internal) entry to a position in the classified service of the City of Saint Paul who have been a resident of the City of Saint Paul for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the application deadline for said position shall receive an additional ten (10) points on their final examination score for rank-ordered examinations, provided that the applicant must attain a passing grade before the additional ten (10) points are added. This section 5D shall have no applicability for employment in Independent School District No. 625.

For those bargaining units which have residency clauses in their Collective Bargaining Agreement, the provisions of their Agreement shall control.

5.E - Character and Fitness

Character of eligibles shall be investigated and references verified in advance of certification. Such investigation shall be made with respect to the activity of the list, and inquiry shall be periodically updated.

Eligibles may be removed from any eligible register for insufficient references or because of unsatisfactory references or personal qualifications, upon recommendation of the Human Resources Director.

Eligibles so removed may appeal the decision to the Civil Service Commission. Appeals must be made within 10 working days of removal letter being sent.

Upon notification of a candidate's intent to file an appeal, no appointments will be made from a promotion eligible list until the hearing decision has been made.

Eligibles previously discharged from the City service shall be called to the Office of Human Resources to make explanation. In default of such appearance or in case of unsatisfactory explanation, their names shall be excluded from the eligible list.

No person who has been separated from the public service because of fault or delinquency on their part shall be admitted to any examination or certified to any position for at least one year after such separation.

5.F - False Statements

Any false statement made with the intent to commit fraud, any fraudulent conduct, or any attempted deception by an applicant or eligible, or by others with their connivance, in any application, paper or document submitted to the Office of Human Resources, or in any examination, shall bar such applicant or eligible from further examinations for at least two years; and, in addition, if such person has their name enrolled on any eligible or promotion or reinstatement register, such person shall forfeit their rights in any and all registers on which their name may appear, provided that that name of no person shall be removed from a register without first having an opportunity to be heard on their own behalf.

In the case of connivance, all parties thereto shall be deemed equally guilty under this Section.

5.G - Pensioners

(Deleted per Council Resolution CF #98-344, 5/15/1998)

5.H - Medical

The Human Resources Director may establish medical standards but only for the purpose of determining the applicant's ability to perform the essential job functions of the position for which they are applying.

Last Edited: April 2, 2020