Central (CERT) Certification Program Public Comments


In 2013, the Minnesota Department of Administration’s Materials Management Division updated a portion of their size standards. As time passed, CERT program administrators began to see more CERT businesses graduate out of the program because their average gross receipts exceeded the new standard for size.

In the name of due diligence, the CERT program began a review of these changes and a public outreach campaign in which the CERT program and its affiliates sought to understand 1) the implications of the changes on CERT businesses; and 2) the other size standard options available.

To this end, we have done extensive research ,administered a number of surveys to members in the community, and held a public forum on June 22, 2015. This online space is another way in which we are seeking feedback.

Please review the documents attached below and use the spaces provided to offer your opinions and/or concerns with A) the determination made by the Executive Board to adopt the SBA size standard and B) the concept of a ‘provisional status’ as described in the Executive Summary below.


Central (CERT) Certification Program Public Comment Form

Please share any comments and/or concerns with the concept of a ‘provisional status’ detailed in the CERT Program 2015 Size Standard Evaluation Report above.
Please share any comments and/or concerns with the executive board’s determination detailed in the Executive Board Summary above.
Please share any additional comments and/or concerns here.
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