2017 Disparity Study


A Disparity Study aims to provide the evidence, in accordance with current case law, to determine whether or not, and to what extent, remedial programs for racial or gender discrimination are appropriate.

2017 Minnesota Joint Disparity Study

For the 2017 Minnesota Joint Disparity Study, eight state and local government agencies have come together to analyze whether there is a level playing field for minority- and women-owned firms in the local marketplace. The study is examining procurement of construction, professional services, goods, and other services in the public and private sector. 

The Minnesota Department of Administration is coordinating the 2017 effort and Keen Independent Research is leading the research team.

Please contact the Minnesota Department of Administration with questions regarding the 2017 Disparity Study. 

Objectives of the Disparity Study

  • To determine the history of the utilization of Minority Business Enterprises (MBE).
  • To explore Women Business Enterprises (WBE).
  • To evaluate Small Business Enterprises (SBE) in contracting and procurement opportunities.
  • To investigate and describe prevailing practices in the public and private sectors that have caused under utilization of MBEs, WBEs and SBEs.
  • To determine the availability of small, minority, and women-owned businesses and businesses owned by people with disabilities.
  • To determine whether race-neutral and gender-neutral programs can redress the effects of discrimination.
  • To identify the revisions necessary for local MBE, WBE, or SBE programs to meet requirements of court decisions.
  • To determine if the City of Saint Paul and Housing and Redevelopment Authority has up-to-date facts for existing and future efforts to increase the use of small, minority and women owned business enterprises.