Sponsor a Hanging Basket!

Two baskets with red flowers hang from a light pole downtown

The hanging basket program for the downtown Saint Paul area has been in existence since 1998. At that time, both the Rice Park Association and Capitol City Partnership, began hanging basket programs to promote the use of Rice Park and to bring visitors to downtown Saint Paul. In 2005, these two hanging basket programs were brought together under the banner of the Blooming Saint Paul program, which had begun in 2003.

The Blooming Saint Paul Hanging Basket program has expanded to neighborhoods and is just shy of 600 baskets annually. Baskets are sponsored by business associations, condo associations, community organizations and individual businesses.

Baskets are hung around Memorial Day and taken down in September. Most baskets are watered daily, as weather allows, by the Blooming Saint Paul gardening crew. The baskets are grown by Gertens Greenhouses and Garden Center and K2 Flowers and Edibles.

Basket Sponsorship Costs

Sponsorship costs include:

  • Hanging Hardware - a one-time cost. Hardware supports two baskets per light pole.
  • Basket and Plants - Typical basket sizes are 18" diameter and 24" diameter. Baskets are available for locations with specific site requirement.
  • Maintenance and care

For prices, more information or to sponsor hanging baskets, contact Lead Landscaper Tony Singerhouse at 651-632-2453 or Tony.Singerhouse@ci.stpaul.mn.us.

Two hanging baskets filled with colorful flowers hang from a lamppost along a park trail
A person supports a hanging flower basket from below while another person on a ladder attaches the basket to a lamppost

Last Edited: September 23, 2021