Thank you for the incredible work you do to help us make Saint Paul the most livable city in America. Here, you will find important information to guide you in your volunteer work. This page contains information for existing Saint Paul Natural Resources volunteers. To learn about current volunteer opportunities, click here.

Reporting Your Hours and VicNet

Reporting your volunteer hours is crucial to the volunteer program. They allow us to illustrate some of the measurable impact of the work you have done for the City. You can report your hours in two different ways.
  1. VicNet, an online volunteer database. Your email login is the same email you provided on your volunteer application.
  2. Emailing volunteer hours to the volunteer coordinator. Please email volunteer hours and location(s) as often as possible, at a minimum, please email monthly reports.

Annual Renewal

Volunteer Assignments expire each year on December 31st. For returning volunteers, you need to fill sign a Volunteer Agreement in order to renew your volunteer position for the current year. Reminder emails will be sent out to all current volunteers.

Volunteer Resources

Environmental Training Videos

Last Edited: February 28, 2017