Pavilion and Large Building Rentals

Reservation calendars for the Newell Park Building and pavilions at Como Regional Park, Highland Park, and Phalen Regional Park can be viewed online. Pavilions and all other large buildings must be reserved by calling the permit office at 651-266-6400.

Shelter Rentals

Reservation calendars for picnic shelters can be viewed online. Picnic shelters can be reserved online.

Other Park or Facility Rentals

For additional information on downtown, small, and miscellaneous parks, please contact the permit office at 651-266-6400. Note: Reserved parking spaces are not permitted in our parks; all parking is general and on a first come, first served basis

CANCELATION POLICY: No refunds will be issued if request is made less than 30-days prior to the event date. Permits under $150.00 will not receive a refund. Permits over $150.00 will receive 50% of the permit fee paid.

Last Edited: November 27, 2017