Arlington Hills Community Center Project

The Arlington Hills Community Center project is now complete. Please visit the Arlington Hills Community Center website for current programming and information.  

Project Information The Arlington Hills Community Center is a public/private partnership being constructed in two phases. Phase one, currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in early 2014, will house both the Arlington Hills Library and the Arlington Recreation Center. Phase two, which will house the project’s private partners, is actively pursuing the funding necessary to begin construction on this phase of the project. When both phases are completed, the facility will encapsulate the programming needs of the Arlington Recreation Center, the Arlington Hills Library, Arlington Hills Lutheran Church, Bradshaw Celebration of Life Centers, and possibly other community service organizations in a new and exciting community center. This new center will transform the surrounding neighborhood of Payne and Maryland Avenues into a vital hub of activity. The bold plan is expected to provide inspiration for investment in the community and support services for the region.

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Background/Vision In 2006, a grass-roots discussion began in the Payne and Maryland neighborhood about ways to deliver services and make a difference in the community. From that beginning, a two-year planning effort resulted in publication of the “Payne Maryland Neighborhood Vision Framework” in July 2008. This document envisions a creative partnership of agencies to find synergy and relevance to the community through collaboration in a way that far surpasses what would be realized individually. Rooted in innovative thinking, the Vision Framework suggests opportunity to support multi-function sharing of spaces, utilizing new technologies and enhanced sustainability, and becoming a catalyst for community connections and investment. The partnership formed from this Visioning effort involves the City of Saint Parks and Recreation Department and Public Library and what is collectively known as the Payne Maryland Partnership - Arlington Hills Lutheran Church, and Bradshaw Celebration of Life. This dedicated group of community organizations under the direction of Mayor Chris Coleman and Ward 6 City Council Representative Dan Bostrom, are joining forces to create a vibrant center for the community. The Payne Phalen District Five Planning Council has been involved as a community outreach partner throughout the planning, and continues to assist in coordinating the efforts of the Partners in community involvement.

Project Manager: Brian Tourtelotte Phone: 651-266-6414