Conway Recreation Center Play Area

Project Overview

Project funding has been secured for the Conway Recreation Center Play Area for the replacement of play equipment and related site improvements that include new walks, synthetic resilient surfacing for ADA compliance, and related site landscaping. There is also funding to address the drainage along Pederson Pathway, a major pedestrian route to connect the residential neighborhood with SunRay shopping center. We have completed three meetings with a task force of community and city staff members for input on the design of the play area. For details on the meetings, please see the links below.

New update (4/9/2012): Construction will begin in the spring of 2012! Thank you to those who have participated in the planning process for the Conway Play area and Pederson Pathway Renovation project.

Meetings Meeting #1 – March 3, 2011: Meeting Notes Ex Conditions Analysis Schemes Goals and Objectives Community Input Play Equipment Options Play Equipment Collage Meeting #2 -April 28, 2011:Meeting NotesFinal Boards Meeting #3 -May 19, 2011:Meeting NotesFinalPlay Area PlanOption #1 Play EquipmentOption #2 Play EquipmentFinal Design - Sidewalk PoetrySplashpad Concrete Patterns Project Information Project Manager: Anne Gardner Email: Phone: 651-266-6421 Project Funding: CIB Funds