Phalen Stone Waterfall Restoration

Project Overview

The waterfall located on the shore at the north end of Lake Phalen, has been dry for many years. Originally, water was supplied by a nearby well to flow over the waterfall and directly to Lake Phalen to replenish the apparently receding water levels. The City of Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation has now secured a State of Minnesota Legacy Grant to restore the waterfall. Plans for this restoration are to draw water from either Lake Phalen or Round Lake and return the water to the lake. Project Updates October 9, 2014 Seasonal operation of the waterfall will come to an end in the next couple days in preparation of the winter. The waterfall will return to operation in May 2015. October 28, 2013 While we intended to keep the trails open throughout the course of the project, we have decided to close the trail in front of the waterfall for a period of one day on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 to maintain park user and contractor safety during the installation of the lift station. Installation of the lift station is going to require a deep excavation and a large piece of equipment to perform the work. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this critical period of the restoration of the waterfall. October 2013 Restoration of the waterfall began on Monday October 21, 2013. The contractor anticipates a late November completion, pending weather conditions. Restoration activities at the waterfall will disturb the trail surface for a short period of time. While the contractor has firm directions to maintain access through the project site during construction, please be cautious of the trail conditions as you use use the trails.

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Project Information

Project Manager: Bryan Murphy Email: Phone: 651-266-6411