Highland 9 Visioning

Project Overview

At the request of Councilmember Tolbert, the City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has secured City Council pre-design funding to conduct a preliminary study on repurposing the Highland 9 golf course (Ward 3, District 15). This preliminary study examines only the 9 hole golf course, and not the adjacent 18 hole golf course. There is currently no additional funding for design or construction.

Councilmember Tolbert requested this study to provide the community with well researched and accurate information on the potential of the Highland 9 golf course for recreational and park purposes, and as an opportunity for continued evaluation of how to best utilize our limited park space for modern needs within the 27 holes of golf available in our neighborhood park.

Parks and Recreation staff will analyze the site, review the citywide park system needs for athletic and recreation facilities, and develop a preliminary cost estimate for discussion.


Meeting 1:  October 1, 2018, Highland Park Community Center, 6-7:30 pm

Meeting 2:  November 2018


Highland 9 Visioning (Ward 3) Tentative Schedule:
Review citywide system needs for athletic fields               August-September 2018
Community Engagement – Popup Event                             August, 31 2018 - 2-4 pm - Highland Aquatic Center
Prep/Advertise for Community Engagement                      September 2018
Meeting #1: Community Visioning                                        October 1, 2018
Site Analysis - Strengths and Opportunities                        October 2018
Develop Schematic Plan(s)                                                    October 2018
Meeting #2: Schematic Plans(s)                                          November 2018

Project Updates

Look forward to more updates!