Gardening Policy

The following are policies to be aware of while gardening in Saint Paul:

Boulevard Gardening Are you wondering how tall your ornamental grasses can be in your boulevard? Maybe you’re not sure what the city considers a boulevard. Are you wondering if you can use herbicides, pesticides and/or fertilizers? Read the Care and Maintenance of Boulevards to find out all this information and more!

Use of Pesticides and Fertilizers on Park Property Are weeds, insects and other issues bringing you and your community garden to an all-time low? Are you considering using Fertilizer and/ or Pesticide? Don’t abuse, review the Fertilizer and Pesticide Use Policy.

Residential Composting Are you interested in starting a compost site for your residence? From less trash to having your own organic soil, composting is an easy and environmentally friendly way to make a difference. Review the Residential Composting Policy for information on city regulations for composting.

Planters in Commercial Areas If you, as a Saint Paul business, would like to help beautify your neighborhood with a planter(s), review the Planters in Commercial Areas Policy for details on allowances and restrictions for the city of Saint Paul.

HRA Garden Lease Guidelines Promote a sense of empowerment and healthy food alternatives with a community vegetable garden. Check out the Garden Lease Guidelines for transforming vacant lots into a community garden.