Food Production Zoning & Permits

A pair of hensUrban Agriculture Zoning Study

In October 2011, the Saint Paul City Council initiated a Urban Agriculture Zoning study to examine how best the City can remove regulatory barriers to urban agriculture and increase access to locally grown food. For more information, contact Anton Jerve at 651-266-6567.

Keeping of Animals

From chickens to bees, see Animal Control & Information to learn about all of the animals the City allows to be handled and raised with a permit.

Hoop Houses

Hoop houses are considered accessory buildings and are regulated under section 63.501 of the city code.

Organic Soil Amendments



The following is a list of organic soil amendments that can be applied without a license:

  • amino acids
  • Azomite minerals
  • blood meal
  • bone meal
  • compost
  • composted manure fertilizer
  • decomposing crop residue (green manure) from prior years
  • feather meal
  • fish meal
  • guano
  • humic acid
  • natural enzyme-digested proteins
  • peat
  • seaweed
  • seaweed extracts
  • worm castings