Downtown Parking Management Strategy

The Downtown Parking Management Strategy provides an accurate view of parking activity and issues in Downtown Saint Paul in order to ensure appropriate parking availability for current and future users.

Strategy Recommendations 

  • Use information and technology to create smart policies and effectively manage parking.
  • Coordinate and integrate city parking management with overall economic development and transportation goals.
  • Manage on-street parking using a market-based approach to better utilize parking supply.
  • Create off-street parking policies in the context of a multimodal system.
  • Integrate access and transportation demand management to become a downtown with attractive travel options.
  • Invest in placemaking to support downtown growth. • Update the parking portion of the Zoning Code to support responsible economic development.

This document is a summary of three technical memoranda that detail the analysis supporting the Downtown Parking Management Strategy, summarized within:

Downtown Parking Management Strategy Summary

Last Edited: September 14, 2021