Creating Vibrant Places and Spaces

Vibrant Places and Spaces in Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul is committed to creating vibrant places and spaces as a way to encourage economic development, attract residents and visitors, and create a more livable city that appeals to everyone.

The city is investing in a number of projects that are diverse in scope but focused on the same goal of putting people first. From boosting the downtown arts scene to enriching the transportation experience to connecting people to the river, this long-term vision is focused on building a Saint Paul which is welcoming to all ages and backgrounds.

This long-standing vision is inspired by the work of renowned urban planner Gil Penalosa and 8 80 Cities, which promotes livable cities where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are safe, invigorated and welcomed by their community.

The city uses five working principles to ensure this long-term vision can become a reality:

  • Ensure Saint Paul puts people first
  • Encourage vitality through investment, private and public alike
  • Create accessible places where people want to connect and spend time
  • Promote healthy living
  • Celebrate the city’s cultural diversity


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