8 80 Vitality Fund

"If you create a city that’s good for an eight-year-old and good for an 80-year-old, you will create a successful city for everyone."
— Gil Penalosa, 8 80 Cities

In 2014, the City of Saint Paul created the 8 80 Vitality Fund, a $42.5 million investment focused on improving infrastructure and creating vibrant places and spaces. The fund was inspired by the work of renowned urban planner Gil Penalosa and 8 80 Cities, which promotes livable cities where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are safe, invigorated and welcomed by their community.


A total of 12 projects were funded through the 8 80 Vitality Fund. The projects were chosen for their ability to create new and vibrant open spaces that will help the city thrive in a 21st century global economy. While a limited number of projects were financed by the 8 80 Vitality Fund, the vision of creating a vibrant community that welcomes everyone encompasses more than this specific portfolio of projects.

Building a Vibrant Saint Paul

Learn more about the outcomes of Saint Paul's efforts to build an even more vibrant city and view a map of projects funded by the 8 80 Vitality Fund. (Click to enlarge the infographic and map.)

Vibrant Places and Spaces infographic

Vibrant Places and Spaces Overview Map