Ward 3 Residential Standards Zoning Study

(Please note that the following describes the study process in detail and includes links to documents that were used at various times throughout the process. Links to the final legislation are found at the end of this summary.)

The City Council passed Resolution 14-1324 on August 6, 2014 initiating a zoning study to review current design standards in Ward 3 as they relate to the construction and remodeling of single-family homes in the R1-R4 single-family residential zoning districts. The resolution indicates that new construction, although in conformance with current code, may be inconsistent with the scale and character of the existing residential neighborhoods. In response to this concern, the Planning Commission was asked to conduct a study and prepare recommendations that would prevent future construction inconsistent with the existing character of the residential areas of Ward 3.

A presentation of Ward 3 findings and recommendations was presented at the February 4, 2015 meeting of the Neighborhood Planning Committee (NPC) of the Planning Commission. At that time, the Committee requested additional information from staff, which was presented at the March 4 NPC meeting.  The NPC voted to send the report to the Planning Commission for discussion at the 3/13 meeting and potential release for public review. The NPC report to the Planning Commission can be found within the packet here. The report begins on page 12.The presentation given at that time can be found here.

During the 3/13 meeting of the Planning Commission, it was determined that it would be appropriate to consider amendments to the zoning code that would apply city-wide. Staff prepared a report and recommendations with city-wide amendments and presented to the NPC on 3/24. The NPC voted to recommend that the Planning Commission release only the city-wide option for public review with the understanding that input received would inform both city-wide and Ward 3 options. The report from the NPC to the Planning Commission can be foundhere. The presentation can be found here.

On 3/27, the Planning Commission released the report and recommendations for public review and held a public hearing on May 8, 2015. The Planning Commission is scheduled to review those comments on June 5 and determine a recommendation to send to the Mayor and City Council. The report can be found here.

The City Council adopted Ordinance 15-33 on July 22, 2015. The legislation can be viewed here. The agenda, which contains supporting documentation can be found here (page 5).

The ordinance went into effect on September 2, 2015.