Grand Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements

PWSDC Grand Avenue Map for Website.PNG
  • Grand Avenue will be open to traffic.
  • Turn lanes and parking lanes may be impacted near intersections where work is happening.
  • Some cross streets will be closed for two-to-three weeks during the project.

Tentative Remaining Project Schedule

  • The expected duration of remaining work is from September 17 thru October 19 dependent upon weather.
  • Work is nearing completion along the north side of Grand Avenue.
  • New work will close the south legs of Syndicate Street, Oxford Street, and Milton Street for three-to-four weeks beginning September 17.
  • Pedestrian ramps are being replaced on all four corners of Hamline Avenue and Victoria Street, minimal traffic disruption is anticipated.

Project Updates

Thursday, September 20, 2018

This week

  • Work is progressing at all intersections either on the north or south sides of Grand Avenue.
  • Sidewalks will be open as concrete attains adequate strength.
  • Roadway impacts will be reduced as curb concrete and bituminous patching is completed.
  • New soils are being brought in for areas to be sodded.

Next week

  • The work on the north side of Grand Avenue continued with hardscape completed or nearing completion at Hamline Avenue, Milton Street, Syndicate Street, Dunlap Street, Oxford Street, Chatsworth Street, and Milton Street.
  • Along the south side of Grand Avenue, hardscape work is complete at Hamline Avenue and Victoria Street. Work continues on the south side of these intersections.
  • Work has commenced on the north side of the intersections at Milton Street, Syndicate Street, Dunlap Street, Oxford Street, Chatsworth Street.
  • Site restoration, topsoil, and sod will follow by a few weeks.


  • The north roads open and closed will be shifting to the south side of the roadway as work progresses.
  • Parking is allowed on both sides of Grand Avenue outside of the immediate work areas.


  • Rain Wednesday and Thursday delayed work progress.