Sewer Project: Lexington Parkway South between Albion Street and West 7th Street

Sewer work will be done in conjunction with the Ramsey County project to reconfigure Lexington Parkway at West 7th Street. The sewer work will include the construction of a vertical sanitary sewer shaft and the lining of the sanitary sewer. The sewer work is being completed by a contractor working for the Saint Paul Public Works Sewer Utility. Work on the construction of the sanitary sewer shaft will begin on May 18, 2020. There is no assessment cost to property owners for the sewer projects.

Approximate order of work:

  1. Sanitary sewer shaft construction begins May 18
  2. Ramsey County Reconfiguration of Lexington Parkway at West 7th Street
  3. Sanitary sewer lining

For more information about the reconfiguration of Lexington Parkway at West 7th Street, please visit the Ramsey County project page

Traffic Impact

  • Lexington Parkway will be closed to thru traffic between Albion Street and West 7th Street.
  • Lexington Parkway will remain open to local traffic only. Access to driveways may be limited at times.