image of simulated smoke from a hole in boulevard

We tested the sanitary sewers to find leaks before they become larger problems. The testing is essential to keep our sewer system working well. We tested our sanitary sewers by putting simulated smoke into the sewers to find leaks and faulty connections. 


Sewer testing program 2007-2019:

The sewer testing program was largely completed on a annual basis from 2007-2019. During this timeframe the majority of the City was tested with the use of simulated smoke. 

Information about sewer smoke testing

The Process:

  • Simulated smoke was injected into the sewer system. As a result simulated smoke was at time observed coming from manhole covers, storm drains, roof vents, and building foundations.
  • Each sewer test set up lasted approximately 30 minutes.
  • Inspection crews did not need to enter buildings, unless to gain access to building rooftops.
  • Faucets and bathroom facilities were useable during sewer testing.


image of simulated smoke exiting an uncapped cleanout.



Last Edited: January 9, 2020