Shared Bike Program In Saint Paul

In August 2023, Saint Paul welcomed bike sharing back to the city. This year there will be up to 200 electric-assisted bikes for residents and visitors to rent and explore around Saint Paul (and into Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campuses too). Riders can begin a ride anywhere an e-bicycle is available. Once a rider reaches their destination, the bicycle must be properly parked in the boulevard, "furnishing" zone (the city-owned property between the street curb and sidewalk), or at a designated bike parking space. Shared bicycles do not need to be locked in Saint Paul.

Shared e-bikes are fun  way to get around the city – the electric assist makes going up hills easier than regular pedal only bikes. You can rent an e-bike using a smartphone app, setting up your individual accounts with our registered vendors. The app will allow you to find, unlock, and rent an e-bike.

2023 Shared E-Bike Program

For 2023, Saint Paul has one e-bike vendor: Lime. Visit for more information about their vehicles. If you are not yet a user, you can download the Lime app from the App Store or Google Play store.

In 2023, our Lime e-bikes also operate in Minneapolis, at the University of Minnesota Saint Paul and Minneapolis campuses, and in Minneapolis Parks. You can ride an e-bike between all of these places.

If you have questions or comments about the e-bikes, please contact the vendor, Lime at: 888-LIME-345

Quick Tips About Using Shared E-Bikes in Saint Paul

  • The e-bikes have a motorized assist. Riders must follow the rules of the road. Please check out state statute about the rules for riding a bicycle:

  • You may NOT ride a bike on a sidewalk in a business district. This includes areas like Downtown Saint Paul and commercial streets like parts of Grand and Selby Avenues.

  • E-bikes are permitted to ride on city streets, in bike lanes, and on trails/shared use paths.

  • Park your e-bike off street in the public right-of-way, but NOT blocking a sidewalk or path. Use the boulevard or furnishing zone (the area between a sidewalk and curb). Use care when parking e-bikes in these share spaces, as it allows everyone to safely use the sidewalks.

Report an E-Bike Complaint

  • Contact Lime at 888-LIME-345. Note that Lime’s bikes and scooters include a “Report a Problem” QR code on the vehicle that can be scanned with a smart phone, opening a web form that can be filled out to report an issue.

  • Each bicycle displays a phone number to call and a visible unique ID number you can use to help the vendors determine the location and identify the vehicle.

  • The bike vendors are required to address incorrectly parked e-bikes within two (2) hours of being notified of a problem during weekdays.

  • If the e-bike has not been moved within the two hour timeframe – only after it has been reported to the company – please contact Saint Paul Public Works at 651-266-6100 or email (regular business hours only).

  • City staff will not relocate e-bicycles except in extraordinary circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shared E-Bikes

For questions or concerns about misplaced shared e-bikes, biker behavior, or daily e-bike operations, please contact the vendor, Lime at 888-LIME-345

Last Edited: August 6, 2023