General Information

The separation of land into two or more parcels of land. If four or fewer lots are being created, it may be possible to divide the property by way of Lot Splits.

Code Requirements

A plat is required when subdividing land if:

  • Five or more lots or parcels are being created each of which is 2 1/2 acres or less in size
  • Paved streets, alleys, and any other public improvements or services are required
  • The land is previously unplatted

Application Requirements

Optional Pre-Application Requirements

Any subdivider may request a pre-application conference with the Planning Division for the purpose of determining if the proposed plat complies with requirements of the Subdivision ordinance. In no case shall pre-application constitute formal application for a subdivision plat. Requests for pre-applications must include the following:

  • A site location map showing the relationship of the proposed subdivision to existing community facilities; these shall include, but not be limited to, major streets, schools, commercial centers, and other significant developments
  • A sketch plan of the proposed subdivision including: tract boundaries, North point and scale, streets within and adjacent to the tract, significant topographical and physical features, general street design within the subdivision, and general lot size and orientation within the subdivision
  • A general statement of proposed development of the subdivision

Preliminary Plat Requirements

The preliminary plat shall be drawn at a minimum scale of 1"=100' and shall contain or have attached the following information. Nine full-size copies of the plat and one 8 1/2 x 11 copy should be submitted. The plat shall be prepared by a registered surveyor.

  • A completed Subdivision Review Application Form.
  • Identification and description including: proposed name of subdivision, a written description of the location by section, town, range, plat, registered land survey, or by other legal description, a graphic scale, a North point and date of preparation
  • Existing conditions including: boundary line of the parcel; present zoning classification; total area; within the parcel and to a distance of 100 feet beyond the boundary the following: all existing or previously platted streets, alleys, or other public ways, showing the type and condition of any improvements; easements, utility right of way, parks, or other public facilities; permanent buildings or structures, section and municipal lines; boundary lines and ownership of abutting land within 100 feet of the parcel; ground vertical contour intervals of the parcel expressed in city datum at intervals of at least 2 feet; slopes of 12% or greater and marshes, wooded areas, rock outcrops, power transmission poles and lines and other significant features
  • Subdivision design including: location, width, length and names of proposed streets; location and widths of proposed alleys, pedestrian ways and utility easements; center line gradients of proposed streets and alleys; layout, numbers and preliminary dimensions of lots and blocks; minimum front and side street building setback lines; size and location of areas, other than streets, alleys, pedestrian ways and utility easements, intended to be dedicated or reserved for public use; and location of required street trees
  • Other information including: statement of the proposed use of lots, including residential buildings types and number of dwelling units and type of business or industrial use; proposed protective covenants or homeowners association rules; provision for sewerage, disposal, drainage and flood control; and proposed zoning plan for the area, including dimension, if any zoning changes are contemplated

Final Plat Requirements

The Final Plat shall contain all modifications as may have been recommended during preliminary plat review as well as the following:

  • Survey, content of the plats and boundary data in the matter prescribed by Section 505.02 Minnesota Statutes as amended from time to time
  • Certification of dedication by the land owners and Surveyors' Certification as required in Sec 505.03 Minnesota Statutes


Up to one acre of land preliminary plat/ registered land survey$630.00
Each additional acre of land$131.00
Final plat/registered land survey$236.00

*There is an additional fee of $546.00 if a variance is needed. Expiration/Renewal No decision of the Zoning or Planning Administrator, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or City Council approving a site plan, permit, variance, or other zoning approval shall be valid for a period longer than two (2) years, unless a building permit is obtained within such period and the erection or alteration of a building is proceeding under the terms of the decision, or the use is established within such period by actual operation pursuant to the applicable conditions and requirements of the approval, unless the Zoning or Planning Administrator grants an extension not to exceed one (1) year.

Please submit the above to: 

Department of Planning and Economic Development 

Zoning Section 1400 City Hall Annex 

25 Fourth Street West Saint Paul, MN 55102

Platting of Property Fees & Inspections

 Inspections are done as part of the building permit for any new construction. Call 651-266-9008 to reach a Zoning Inspector.

Last Edited: July 27, 2023