General Information

The Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) recognizes the complexities associated with moving projects through development review and approval processes. If you have a question about how to proceed with the permitting or licensing process for your new or existing business, a DSI Project Facilitator can help point you in the right direction. Project Facilitators are DSI staffed trained to assist customers with complex projects requiring multiple reviews. 

Project Facilitators work to:

  • Increase customers understanding of the processes
  • Increase communication and coordination between customers and city review staff
  • Work with other city departments to ensure coordination of review activities between departments.

Project Facilitators will:

  • Serve as a customers’ point of contact throughout the entire review process
  • Provide customers information about the various approval processes and timeframes required for projects
  • Help identify regulatory issues to increase completeness of plan submissions so that reviews proceed in a timely and expeditious manner. 

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Last Edited: August 29, 2017