Substances which are offensive, detrimental to your health, harmful, or dangerous should be removed or cleaned up.

Call the DSI - Complaint Office at 651-266-8989 for cleanups of substances such as:

  • Dead animals
  • Decayed animal mater
  • Untanned hides
  • Spoiled, putrid, or foul meat or other animal products
  • Human or animal excrement or manure

If these or similar noxious substances are left in a truck, trailer, railroad car, vehicle parked on a street or highway, they can be ordered to move.An inspector can come out and may order the property owner to clean up the noxious substance within a reasonable amount of time.

Written Special Permission

You should be aware that a person may apply for and receive written permission from DSI to bury dead animals or to receive, store, dress, pack or sell green hides (untanned ones). Therefore, if you see someone burying an animal or having green hides, the response to your call could be that what the person is doing is permitted.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency may clean up other noxious substances. The MPCA may be involved when the noxious substance is in the form of an emission in the air rather than a solid substance, or when the presence of the noxious substance may be polluting the air or water. An MPCA cleanup may be a major project and may take at least several months to resolve.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017