Property owners are required to have a TISH evaluation completed prior to the marketing of a single-family, duplex, condominium, or townhome. Properties that have three or more units, commercial, and mixed-use buildings do not require a TISH.

Evaluators are private contractors and are not employed by the City. You may hire an Evaluator through a Realtor or agent as long as the evaluator you hire is licensed by the City of Saint Paul. The City will not recommend an Evaluator.

Please contact one of the approved evaluators listed below to schedule a TISH inspection:

Alcaraz, Luis  InspectuCasa IC Inspections LLC 612-743-8228
Anderson, Adam LBS Home Inspection 612-221-3450
Angolkar, Milind  Structure Tech Home Inspections 952-915-6466
Bauman, Richard (JR)  Edge Home Inspections Services, INC 612-618-2928
Blixt, Jeff  Inspecta-Homes, Inc. 651-641-0641
Bovee, Roger  Bovee Inspection Services Inc 651-653-5976
Brausen, Dan  Innerspec 651-483-8407
Carter, Jason  All Metro Home Inspections 952-210-9338
Copia, Alan  Cornerstone Inspections 612-824-2000
Devery, Brian  Apple Home Inspections 651-644-3999
Gillquist, Andrew Arrowhead Inspection 612-834-8430
Haase, Aaron Inspecta-Homes, Inc. 651-641-0641
Hastings, Doug  Cities Inspection Service Inc. 952-892-0490
Igoe, Tim Insight Home Inspections LLC 612-229-3521
Ingebrigtsen, Jim  In-Depth Inspection Services 612-747-2387
Jacobs, Cory Cory Jacobs Home Inspections LLC 715-896-0548
Kaatz, Chuck  Streamliner Home Inspections 612-670-3831
Kilian, Richard    612-599-6102
Kirby, Larry  Northland Property Services, Inc 651-208-8462
Kirwin, Dave  The Kirwin Group 612-991-1546
Koenig, Nicholaus Heartland Inspections 612-802-4561
Lash, Dennis  Dennis Lash Inc. 612-729-6973
Leahy, Patrick  Accuspec Home Inspections 651-398-6754
Lundequam, Joseph Paladin Home Inspections 651-307-1384
Manders, Jeff Gadget Home Inspections 651-245-8041
McGill, Jarrod Inspecta-Homes, Inc. 651-641-0641
Morse, Tom  A. Morse Inspections 612-670-0860
Moser, Aaron Moser Home Inspections 651-239-6001
Moser, Mike  M. J. Moser 612-386-4995
Nelson, Gary  Aspen Home Inspections 651-653-9547
Niezgocki, Dan    651-738-3764
Olson, Richard  Danrich Inspection Services 952-920-1360
Pass, Roger  Home Inspections By Roger Pass 651-690-2122
Peterson, Lee Midland Inspections 612-282-3426
Pew, Michael  Brick by Brick 'Self' Evaluations 612-205-5060
Sanders, Karl  HomTech, Inc 612-408-4000
Scheunemann, Scott  Scheunemann Home Inspections 651-646-0009
Scholtes, Bryan Structure Tech Home Inspections 952-915-6466
Scott, Josh Lighthouse Home Inspections 651-245-4594
Staeheli, Brice American Central Inspections 651-238-1314
Thompson, Clay  Dream House Inc 612-369-5212
Turnlund, Dean Inspecta-Homes, Inc. 651-641-0641
Ury, George  Structure Tech Home Inspections  952-915-6466
Van Langen, Kim City to City Inspections 952-432-4924
Vang, Paochoua 'Ethan' APEX Home Inspection LLC 651-788-6374
Vruno, John  Inspecta-Homes, Inc. 651-641-0641 
Weidner, Jim Diamonds In The Rough Inspections 612-405-0207
Williams, Brent   iCheck Home Inspection 651-454-1911
Wrobel, Tony (AJ)  AJ Wrobel Home Inspections 651-276-2055
Yares, Bill Twin Cities Home Evaluations 612-822-2020

Last Edited: March 14, 2023