Customer service can help with a change of address, billing, water service restoration, or direct you to the correct department.


Send an Email to Saint Paul Regional Water Services

7:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

In person:
1900 Rice St.
Saint Paul, MN 55113
8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday


How do I get my account set up for automatic payments?

Complete the automatic bill payment application (PDF - 300KB; hard copies available by request) and return it to SPRWS. The balance on the account needs to be zero before we can set up automatic payments.

I'm moving, what do I need to do?

Get a reading from the meter on the day of the move. Call customer service to set up or close an account. More information available on our moving page.

Where is my water meter, and how do I read it?

Your meter is inside your house, about one foot off of your basement floor. It could also be in a crawl space, pit in the floor, or utility room. It is not outside. The water usually comes in from the street side of the house. The meter sits on a water pipe that comes through the floor. The head of the meter is about three inches in diameter. 

Learn How to Read Your Water Meter  (PDF - 508KB)

How I set up an online account?

Register on our bill pay site using your customer and account numbers.

When is my payment due?

The due date is 15 days after the billing date.

Why is there a "balance transfer" on my first bill?

Water bills are liens against the property, not the person (per Minnesota law). Any dollar amount owed by the previous owner will be moved to the new owner's account. Most of the time, these amounts are collected at closing - check with the closing company and/or realtor. If the balance isn't paid by the previous owner, the new owner is responsible.

How do I have my water tested for lead?

Free lead testing is offered to SPRWS customers. Pick up a bottle from the SPRWS front desk (8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, 1900 Rice Street, Saint Paul MN 55113), follow the instructions at home, and return it.

There are blue paint / flags near my property - why?

SPRWS marks boulevards and streets with paint and flags in response to Gopher State One Call locate requests. This does not necessarily mean construction work will be performed. Contact Gopher State One Call (via phone at 811) for more information.

Refer to our FAQs page for more.

Communities We Serve

Retail services include billing and infrastructure maintenance.
Limited retail includes only a small portion of customers in a city. For wholesale service, we deliver water to the city while the city maintains the water system and bills its own customers.​

Map of service area. Retail is St Paul, Maplewood, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, West St Paul, Mendota, Mendota Heights. Limited retail is Lilydale, Sunfish Lake, South St Paul, and Newport. Wholesale is Roseville, Arden Hills, Little Canda.

Last Edited: December 22, 2020