Manitou Main Rep

Project Engineer: Kaitlin Swanson 651-266-6289

The existing 6" water main within the project area was installed in 1920 and has experienced repeated main breaks over the years. To continue to ensure the reliability of our system, SPRWS regularly replaces aging infrastructure that may be susceptible to breaking with newer, more dependable infrastructure.

SPRWS will be hiring a contractor to install new 6" HDPE pipe using a method called directional drilling to serve the area in place of the existing water main.

Project Scope:

  • Install 500 feet of 6" HDPE pipe
  • Install valves and connect to existing services
  • Restore street pavement as needed

Project Updates

Contractor will be performing pre-work in the project area to prepare for project start later in the construction season. Specific start dates to be determined.