Indian Mounds Regional Park

About Indian Mounds Regional Park

Indian Mounds Regional Park is home to six Native American burial mounds high atop 450 million-year-old limestone and sandstone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and downtown Saint Paul.


Biking Trail, Hiking Trail, Picnic Areas with Shelters, BBQ Grills, Benches, Overlooks, Playground, Public Art, and Restroom Facilities

Burns Avenue Park

Burns Avenue Park provides visitors with plenty of recreational opportunities with a tennis court, half-court basketball court, picnic table, and a new playground. A surrounding canopy of trees creates a secluded getaway.


Basketball Court, Benches, Picnic Area, Playground, and Tennis Court

Boyd Park

Boyd Park is well visited by many residents and visitors to the Cathedral Hill neighborhood. Bike racks, paved sidewalks, and a fully outfitted playground make for an enjoyable time outside.


BBQ Grill, Benches, Picnic Area, and Playground

Fitness in the Parks

Fitness in the Parks is a free outdoor exercise program offered throughout the summer. Classes are open to all ages and no registration is necessary.


Bluff Park

About Bluff Park

Bluff Park is a natural formation of elevated land densely packed with trees. The park contributes to the beautiful urban canopy across all of Saint Paul.

Belvidere Park

About Belvidere Park

Belvidere Park borders the West Side Boys & Girls Club and sports two softball fields, a baseball field, and a soccer field.


Baseball Field, Soccer Field, and Softball Field

Rentals and Reservations

Those interested in renting the soccer field may contact:
West Side Boys & Girls Club

Bay Triangle

About Bay Triangle

Bordering the Soo Line Railroad between 7th Street and the Mississippi River, Bay Triangle makes for an ideal location for small outdoor gatherings.

Arlington Arkwright Park

imageAbout Arlington Arkwright Park

Alice Park

About Alice Park

Situated just south of Harriet Island Regional Park and east of Cherokee Regional Park, Alice Park provides a half-acre of land for local residents to use. Small pets will love the quiet space and the well-groomed lawns.

Aldine Park

Situated on just 1.76 acres, Aldine Park utilizes every inch to provide a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors. The mini park contains a small softball field and a horseshoe area along the park's northern edge. A playground, tot lot, picnic shelter, and a basketball court line the park's southern edge. The park also features a skating rink during the winter months.

Alden Square Park

About Alden Square Park

Located just west of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Alden Square Park is anything but a square. The triangular plot of land is perfect for spontaneous picnics and spacious enough to toss around a baseball. Visitors will find the park's main amenity, a gazebo, a welcome addition to the neighborhood spot.


Benches, Gazebo, and Picnic Area