Walsh Park


Walsh Park is a secluded, passive park preserve.

Webster Park

Webster Park is a popular location for sports among youth residing in the Summit-University neighborhood. Conveniently located behind Obama Elementary School, the park welcomes visitors to play ball and shoot some hoop. A tennis court and practice backboard are also available. An expansive green field also sees plenty of use from football and soccer. The play area was completely renovated in 2016.

Ryan Park

Two playgrounds, a picnic area, and open green space highlight Ryan Park's recreational opportunities for visitors. 


Picnic Area and Playground

Roaming Rec Program

Roaming Rec is a free summer youth program offering outdoor games, arts and crafts, and other recreation activities at parks and other locations around Saint Paul. Snacks will be served at each session.

Summit Monument Park

Located just outside of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Summit Monument Park contains one of the city's most noticeable and notable monuments, Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Western Sculpture Park

Western Sculpture Park is home to a curated sculpture exhibition located in the midst of a densely populated neighborhood just west of the Minnesota State Capitol. For a map of the sculpture garden, visit Public Art Saint Paul's Western Sculpture Park website.


Playground, Public Sculpture Garden

Weida Park

Weida Park's primary feature is a rectangular, lit field perfect for games of soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, and more. The park also contains a basketball court, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and a playground area.


Basketball Court, BBQ Grill, Benches, Picnic Area, Playground, Soccer Field, and Tennis Court

Willow Reserve

Willow Reserve is an undeveloped nature preserve on Saint Paul's North End. A restoration project is currently underway.

Taylor Park

A small neighborhood park east of Pig's Eye Lake, Taylor Park offers visitors an open green space perfect for pick-up games, a playground for children to play on, and picnic tables for families to gather around. Highwood Preserve is a short walk to the south.


Benches, Picnic Area, and Playground

Stinson Park

Stinson Park contains open green space suitable for small activities and a new playground completed in 2014.




Sackett Park

Located next to the Boys & Girls Club on Saint Paul's East Side, Sackett Park provides a large open space for soccer, ultimate frisbee, or other games, as well as a softball field.


Soccer Field and Softball Field

Rental and Reservations

For field reservations, contact:
East Side Boys & Girls Club
Ph: (651) 774-5654