Skidmore Park

Skidmore Park is well know to locals for its beautiful community garden. The park brings together neighbors with events and educates families on sustainability.


Community Garden



Tatum Park

Tatum Park is home to a small community garden, Tatum Park Community Garden. Local volunteers help to run the garden throughout the year, planting perennials and edibles on a rotating basis. Contact for more information.


Community Garden

Tilden Park

Tilden Park is a popular location for families to gather due to its comfortable size, open space, ample seating, and plentiful playground equipment. 


Benches, Picnic Area, and Playground

Nathan Hale Park

Opposite the road from Summit Overlook, Nathan Hale Park is a similarly shaped, triangular park dedicated to Nathan Hale in name and in bronze. Visitors will notice beautifully groomed gardens and bushes near the statue. A wide open lawn also provides opportunities for small games and activities.

Nathan Hale Park


Skating Rink, Public Art

Prosperity Park

Prosperity Park, along with Prosperity Heights Park, combine to provide Saint Paul's East Side with a large expanse of recreational and natural green space to utilize. The recreational field consists of two softball fields, two baseball fields, two tennis courts, two bocce ball courts, a basketball court, and a full-size playground. 

Shadow Falls Park

Located between the University of St. Thomas and the Mississippi River, Shadow Falls Park provides a serene setting for those wishing to relax and enjoy nature. The quiet atmosphere is popular among students and local residents.


Benches, Biking Trail, and Hiking Trail

Lewis Park

Lewis Park draws many families throughout the year looking for a safe and spacious place to bring children to play. The park features a playground with synthetic turf, picnic area, trails, a splash pad, and open spaces suitable for group activities and games.


Playground, Picnic Area & Splash Pad

Horton Park

Horton Park is designed to be picnic recreation friendly. Benches, shaded areas, and picnic tables fill the western and northern sections of the park while the remaining land is dedicated to open lawns amidst surrounding trees. The site is also the location of a mini arboretum.


Benches, Mini-Arboretum, and Picnic Area

North High Bridge Park

About North High Bridge Park

Marking the northern and lower end of the Smith Avenue High Bridge, High Bridge Park North offers beautiful river views and public art. Visitors may also trek up the bridge to Capitol View Park for spectacular views of Saint Paul.

Lockwood Park

Lockwood Park underwent a renovation in 2016. Improvements included new swings, picnic tables, play areas for ages 2-5 and 5-12, bike rack, shade trees, benches, and a resilient play surface.


Playground, Open Space, Picnic Tables