SAINT PAUL – The Saint Paul City Council today voted 5-2 to approve the Ford Site redevelopment’s Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan. The plan has now been forwarded to Mayor Chris Coleman for final review and adoption by the City to guide future development on the site. The Ford Site encompasses 135 acres of land situated along the Mississippi River in Saint Paul.

“When this vision for the Ford site is complete, it will be one of the most sustainable, equitable communities in the country - if not the world,” said Mayor Coleman. “With opportunities to live, work and play, this area will integrate into and complement the surrounding neighborhood. Today's passage by the council, while not the end of the process, is an important milestone in bringing the progressive vision created after 10 years of community conversation to life.” 

Since 2007, the City has sought the community’s visions and priorities for the Ford Site and has conducted 14 professional studies examining topics ranging from sustainable design to stormwater management to traffic impacts. The master plan was shaped by these studies as well as thousands of ideas and suggestions received from the community over the past 10 years through more than 140 community meetings of all sizes.

“After relying heavily on ideas from community members and input from many experts, we have voted to approve this thoughtfully conceived master plan, which positions us to work together to serve Saint Paul in the decades ahead,” said Saint Paul City Council President Russ Stark. “I am proud and grateful to serve in a community that is so deeply engaged.”

It is anticipated that Ford Motor Company will put the site on the market in early 2018. The Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan identifies the site’s redevelopment potential and market value to prospective buyers and sets a framework for the phased development, which will likely take place over the next 15 to 20 years. A more detailed development plan, outlining possible phases for redevelopment, will be created by a future developer, once Ford sells the property.

About the Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan

The Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan outlines land uses on the vacant Ford Site, sets the expectation for quality public amenities like public parks and other infrastructure, and sets policy for site redevelopment. While the plan is inherently flexible, it serves as a framework for the future master developer, which will complete additional analyses of the site, including a detailed transportation study based on their development proposal.

Setting the stage for the envisioned mixed-use urban village, the plan rezones the site into six districts: four as predominantly multi-family residential areas, and two as primarily commercial areas along Ford Parkway. The Ford Site redevelopment plan also outlines specific housing affordability goals, ensuring that a mix of housing types will be available across the site.

The plan calls for more than 20 percent of the site to be public parks, trails, and open space – spread throughout the site to create a vibrant, green development. To facilitate the site’s transportation needs, the plan incorporates the new development into the existing street grid, ensuring that it is integrated into the neighborhood and assists with efficient traffic flow.

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Last Edited: September 27, 2017