Garbage Service Billing Process 

1.   Haulers mail out invoices on the 5th day of the first month of quarterly service (January, April, July, and October). The invoice covers the next three months. Example: January bill is for service provided January, February, March.

2.   Payment is due the 25th of the billing month. In order for your hauler to receive payment, it must clear your bank or financial institution by the due date.

3.   If payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of 5% will be added to the balance due.  Up to three late fees are possible per billing cycle.

4.  At the end of the quarter, all unpaid bills are turned over to the City for assessment. Your hauler can no longer take payment for that quarter. 

Assessment Process Overview

Quarterly Bill Sent to City of Saint Paul for Collection

Approximately two weeks after the garbage hauler sends the unpaid bills to the City, they are classified as pending assessments.  Haulers can no longer take payment for these quarterly bills. The City will send out an “Invoice and Final Notice” to the property owners.  Owners then have 30 days to pay the pending assessment. After 30 days, the pending assessment will be sent for approval through the ratification of assessment process.  Assessments will be added to the owner's property taxes if unpaid by November 15th. Payments may be made either online or by mail.

Notice of Legislative Hearing

If the City of Saint Paul does not receive payment of the delinquent charges by the due date on the “Invoice and Final Notice,” the City will send out a second notice titled “Public Hearing Notice Ratification of Assessment.” This will include a scheduled date, time, and location for a legislative hearing that residents are able to attend if they wish to contest the assessment. Please note that it is not mandatory to attend these hearings. In order to participate in the hearing, the notice will include a webform URL to enter your request for a legislative hearing at the assigned date and time. Please call 651-266-6101 if you need assistance.

Legislative Hearing Process

To contest the assessment, submit a request for a legislative hearing online or by phone 651-266-6101 and attend the scheduled hearing date. During your hearing, the legislative hearing officer will make a recommendation about the assessment. This recommendation will be provided to the City Council for their approval of the final assessment roll. If you disagree with the legislative hearing officer’s recommendation, you may attend the City Council hearing to dispute the recommendation.

City Council Votes to Send Assessment to Ramsey County

If the pending assessment is still unpaid at the time of the scheduled City Council Hearing, it will be approved by City Council. If the amount due is not paid by November 15th, the balance will be sent to Ramsey County to be certified to your property taxes. If a bill is certified to the property by Ramsey County, it will incur an additional administration fee of $2.50. You then pay the bill as part of your Ramsey County Property Taxes.

Additional information available at Public Works - Residential Garbage

Last Edited: February 15, 2024