Through the Energize Saint Paul program, the City aims to make public, commercial and residential buildings more energy efficient. Energy use in commercial and residential buildings accounts for over half of Saint Paul’s greenhouse gas emissions, so increasing building energy efficiency is critical for Saint Paul to achieve its climate goals. By providing resources and guidance, Energize Saint Paul helps building owners and residents save money on utility bills while reducing our city's impact on climate change.

Large Buildings Required to Benchmark

The City of Saint Paul's Energy Benchmarking Ordinance requires that owners of multi-family and commercial properties 50,000 square feet and larger must benchmark energy and water use by June 1, 2021.

Learn about the Energy Benchmarking ordinance and how to comply

Explore the programs and resources that Energize Saint Paul offers:

Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

Do you own or manage a commercial or multi-family building 50,000 square feet and larger? The City of Saint Paul will guide you through compliance with the Energy Benchmarking ordinance.

Learn about the Energy Benchmarking ordinance and how to comply 


Energize Saint Paul offers a variety of trainings to help you benchmark and maximize energy efficiency in your building.

Learn more about our trainings

General Benchmarking Information

Benchmarking is the ongoing review of building energy and water use, over time and relative to peers. It allows owners and occupants to understand their building’s energy and water performance and identify opportunities to cut waste. Building owners/operators can benchmark their energy and water usage using the free online tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

To see the buildings' energy efficiency performance, check out the Efficient Buildings Collaborative Map.

Read general benchmarking information

Energy Efficiency Resources

We have a variety of resources for Saint Paul residents and businesses to maximize their energy efficiency. You can see our tip sheets and other resources by clicking the link below.

Resources for energy efficiency

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Every year, the City of Saint Paul celebrates building owners, managers, engineers, and others at the annual Recognition Ceremony for their work and leadership in energy efficiency. See which buildings have been recognized throughout the years.



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Last Edited: February 26, 2024