Race to Reduce

The Race to Reduce is a summer program for large commercial, multifamily, and public buildings to maximize their energy efficiency with operations and maintenance based solutions. From June to August 2018, participating buildings are benchmarking their energy and water usage, participating in networking events and webinars, and utilizing tips from our partners to implement energy efficiency strategies.

At the end of the summer, buildings will continue to develop their partnership with each other and the City through Energize Saint Paul – and celebrate their successes at the Race to Reduce recognition ceremony.

To sign up for the Race to Reduce, fill out the participation form.

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By joining the Race to Reduce, you will:

  • Save money on your energy bills;
  • Implement low-to-no cost ways to save energy;
  • Benchmark your property, so you can track energy usage and compare it to similar buildings;
  • Gain access to a network of building owners, operators, and energy efficiency experts;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Saint Paul – taking concrete steps toward achieving the climate goals set by Mayor Carter and the City Council, and; 
  • Receive recognition for your energy efficiency efforts and achievements

By signing up for the Race to Reduce, you are pledging to:

  • Join Energize Saint Paul and its partners in making our city more resilient by improving the efficiency of your building(s), starting with participation in the Race to Reduce;
  • Benchmark the property using US Environmental Protection Agency’s free ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager software by inputting energy data for your building(s) from June 1 2017 to August 31 2018, and;
  • Provide contact information for our building operator, facilities manager, or engineer; whoever has the most control over how energy gets used in the building.

Join the Race to Reduce



  • Assessment: Measuring energy usage and is the first step to managing it – so June is all about benchmarking.


  • HVAC: We use energy differently in the heat of the summer. We will provide you with quick tips to improve the performance of equipment.


  • Scheduling: August is a great time to check lighting and space conditioning schedules. Are your building's systems turning off and of when they should?


  • Next Steps: Now that you’ve finished the race, what further actions can you take to increase your building’s energy efficiency?


  • Recognition: Get recognized for your energy efficiency efforts and achievements at our recognition ceremony!