About the Cultural STAR Board

The Cultural STAR Board reviews all applications and makes funding recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. Board members are also asked to help promote the program to arts and cultural organizations, neighborhood and business groups, and others that may be interested.

The board meets twice a year to review each round of applications, interview all eligible applicants, and deliberate and agree upon their funding recommendations. Meetings typically take place in April and October each year and require 3 full days of participation for each round. Lunch and parking costs are provided at these meetings.

The board may meet at other times in the year to discuss recommendations around procedures and policies of the program.

The board is made up of nine members appointed by the Mayor in staggered three year terms:

  • 2 representatives of large cultural organizations (defined as nonprofit organization with annual operating budget of $1 million or over)
  • 2 representatives of mid-sized cultural organizations (defined as nonprofit organization with annual operating budget of over $250,000 and less than $1,000,000)
  • 1 representative of a small cultural organization (defined as nonprofit organization with annual operating budget of $250,000 or less)
  • 1 representative of a philanthropic organization
  • 1 representative of the Saint Paul business community
  • 2 at large representatives
  • At least 5 members must be residents of Saint Paul
  • The remaining 4 must work or live in Saint Paul
  • At least 1 must represent a neighborhood organization

Organizations where board members work or serve as board members are eligible to receive Cultural STAR funding. Board members are required to declare conflicts of interest and not participate in any discussion or decision-making around funding for projects where they have a conflict of interest.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until all seats are filled.

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Cultural STAR Board Members

Maia Maiden, Chair
Ordway Center for Performing Arts
Seat: Large Cultural Organization
Term expires: May 2027

Bethany Gladhill, Vice Chair
Seat: Mid-sized Cultural Organization
Term expires: April 2025

Georgina Chinchilla Gonzalez
Seat: Small Cultural Organization
Term: April 2025

Lori Greene
Mosaic on a Stick
Seat: Saint Paul Business Community
Term expires: December 2025

Jon Jee
Seat: At-large; Saint Paul Resident
Term expires: April 2025

Lindsay Kimball
Minnesota Public Radio; Little Bohemia Neighborhood Association
Seat: Large Cultural Organization; Saint Paul Resident; Neighborhood Organization
Term expires: May 2027

Johnathan Nguyen
Seat: At-large
Term expires: December 2025

Last Edited: May 29, 2024