The Ford Site will be a livable, mixed-use neighborhood that looks to the future with clean technologies and high-quality design for energy, buildings and infrastructure. The redeveloped site will support walking, biking and transit, and provide services, jobs and activities that every generation can enjoy.

Key Principles to Guide Ford Site Redevelopment

1. Mix of Uses & Activity

  • Vibrant place to live, work, and recreate for all people.
  • Services and amenities that meet local needs to reduce auto dependency.
  • Well-designed urban neighborhood that complements and integrates into the Highland Park area and broader community.
  • Mix of traditional and modern building forms, styles and materials.

2. Housing Variety

  • Range of housing types and affordability that expand choices in the area and in the city.

3. Jobs & Tax Base

  • Significant increase in the tax base over time that strengthens surrounding property values.
  • Increased regional significance and economic value.
  • Range of business and employment opportunities with an emphasis on family supporting jobs.

4. Energy & Sustainability

  • Regional, national, and global model for sustainable planning, design and day-to-day living that protects our air, water and natural resources for future generations.
  • Locally generated power from an integrated, renewable, site-based energy system.
  • Best technologies in infrastructure and buildings to save money, increase efficiency, and reduce impacts on the environment.

5. Transportation Choice

  • Mix and density of activities to support transit through and around the site.
  • Interconnected system of streets, bikeways, and walkways that is safe and accessible for people of various ages and abilities.
  • Urban design and site layout to reduce auto trips and manage traffic impacts.

6. Parks & Amenities

  • Natural spaces and active places for people to play, relax and interact, including the Ford Little League fields.
  • Greenery, public art and cultural activities to create an attractive and vibrant community.
  • Reflect the heritage of the Ford plant and its employees through design and amenities.
  • Strong connections to the Mississippi River, within the site and to the neighborhood.

Last Edited: August 19, 2022