Yard Waste Disposal

man outside holding pitchfork with dead leaves and brush

Yard waste should NOT be put in your garbage cart! Instead, Saint Paul residents have three options:

  1. Contact your garbage hauler for details on how to schedule a pickup.
  2. Utilize one of the seven Ramsey County Yard Waste Drop-off Sites. All sites are free and open to Ramsey County residents. A photo ID is required.
  3. Start composting in your yard.

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Pick-up Service through City Garbage Program

All haulers offer seasonal yard waste services for an additional fee. Seasonal yard waste service is available from April 15 until November 30 each year (weather-permitting). You can choose from two options:

Subscription Service: You can set out a yard waste cart and up to 8 compostable bags to be collected each week ($120 per year). This is an annual fee and is not pro-rated based on the start or end of service. Yard waste service is automatically renewed--if you had subscription yard waste service in 2021, you will will not need to renew your yard waste subscription service for 2022. If you wish to cancel yard waste service you must call your hauler. If you wish to start yard waste service contact your hauler to set up service and get a yard waste cart. 

Non-Subscription Service: You can set out a compostable bag or bundle of yard waste beside your garbage cart ($3 per bag/bundle). Call your hauler to request this service at least 48 hours before your regular garbage collection day. Your hauler will tell you which day to put your compostable bag(s) or bundle(s) out for collection.

Yard Waste Pick-up Service Details

Yard Waste Drop-off 

Ramsey County operates seven yard waste collection sites. All sites are free and open to Ramsey County residents. State law prohibits leaves, grass clippings, brush, and other plant material from being mixed with your trash.

Yard waste site policy: Dumping trailers

Just a friendly reminder that mechanical or hydraulic dumping trailers and dump trucks are not allowed at Ramsey County yard waste sites - this includes both residential and commercial equipment. If you have a dumping trailer or dump truck, you should use a commercial yard waste site

Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites:

Arden Hills3530 Hudson Ave
Battle Creek389 S Winthrop St
Frank and Sims1150 Sims Ave
Midway1943 Pierce Butler Rt
Mounds View8307 Long Lake Rd
Summit Hill870 Pleasant Ave
White Bear Township5900 Sherwood Rd

Ramsey County Yard Waste Drop-off Site Details

Backyard Composting

Composting is a process that naturally decomposes (breaks down) organic materials, such as yard waste, fruits, vegetables, and paper towels. Once your food scraps and yard trimming are finished decomposing, the material created is called "compost." Compost is a natural and valuable soil amendment that can be used in place of synthesized fertilizers and pesticides. Composting also reduces trash and saves water!

Did you know?

woman holding bowl with food scraps to dump into outdoor compost bin

On average, between 28 - 38 percent of all waste is compostable and 25 percent of all household waste is compostable.

Basic types of organic materials that are compostable in a backyard system include:

  • Leaves, grass clippings, and twigs
  • Food scraps, like banana peels and corn husks
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Soiled paper and paper products, like dirty napkins, paper plates, and paper egg cartons

You should not put these items in your backyard compost because they will cause problems:

  • Compostable plastics
  • Weeds that have begun to seed
  • Meat, bones, grease, or dairy

You can compost in your backyard or participate in Organics (Food Scraps) Recycling by using a Ramsey County or District Council drop-off site. Organics (Food Scraps) Recycling drop-off sites take more materials than you can put in your backyard compost bin.

Backyard Composting Resources:

Last Edited: November 1, 2023