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Yard Waste Disposal

Yard waste should NOT be put in your garbage cart. Saint Paul residents have two options:

1. Contact your garbage hauler to learn more about Yard Waste services, for an additional fee.
2. Drop-off yard waste at one of seven Ramsey County yard waste sites. All sites are free and open to Ramsey County residents. A photo ID is required.

Visit the website for more information about site hours and items accepted. 

Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites:

  • Arden Hills - 3530 Hudson Ave
  • Battle Creek - 389 S Winthrop St
  • Frank and Sims - 1150 Sims Ave
  • Midway - 1943 Pierce Butler Rt.
  • Mounds View - 8307 Long Lake Rd.
  • Summit Hill - 870 Pleasant Ave
  • White Bear Township - 5900 Sherwood Rd. 


Backyard Composting

Composting is a process that allows organic materials such as yard waste and fruit and vegetable scraps to be broken down naturally and converted into a valuable soil additive. Composting reduces trash and produces a valuable soil amendment that reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides and allows for more efficient use of water.

Did You Know?


  • Between 28 and 38 percent of all waste is compostable depending on the type of composting program. An average of 25 percent of household waste is compostable.
  • Basic types of organic materials compostable in backyard compost bins include fruit and vegetable trimmings, egg shells, banana peels, bread, rice, houseplants and garden waste.
  • Anything that is plant or animal based including all items mentioned above plus meat, dairy products, leftovers, and non-recyclable paper (paper towels, plates, napkins and egg cartons) can be composted via a commercial facility.

You can compost in your backyard or participate in Organics Recycling by using a Ramsey County or District Council drop-off site. Organics Recycling drop-off sites take more materials than you can put in your backyard compost bin.

Backyard Composting Resources:

Last Edited: May 27, 2021