Bulky Item

Bulky Items

"Bulky Items" are anything that is too large to fit inside or is prohibited by law from being placed in your garbage cart. Bulky Items include Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and Mattresses.

Number of Bulky Items Included in Garbage Program

     Small Carts: 2 bulky items included per year

     Medium and Large Carts: 3 bulky items included per year

Additional Bulky Items

If you need to dispose of additional items, you can pay $10-35 per bulky item (plus tax) to have them collected. The price of disposal of additional items can be found at the bottom of this page.

Construction and Demolition Debris is NOT included in bulky item collection and can't be placed in your garbage cart. To find disposal options for these materials visit the website RamseyRecycles.

Bulky Item Collection Process and Rates

Last Edited: September 25, 2022