New Sewer Rates

New Sewer Rates FAQ

What is happening with the sewer rate?

The Public Works Department’s Sewer Utility Division is implementing a different rate structure starting in 2016 that splits the sanitary sewer rate into a base charge and a volume charge.

Why is the change happening?

In the past, the sanitary sewer rate has been generated solely on the volume of water a property consumed.  The new rate system takes into account that a large portion of the cost of the City’s sewer structure is a fixed amount each year, and for the most part, does not change from year to year. The new base charge allows the Sewer Utility to plan for and maintain the infrastructure regardless of the volume of water consumed each year.

Combining base and volume charges allows the Sewer Utility to maintain the capital investment needed to keep the City’s billion dollar sewer system in top working condition. The ability to better plan for and implement preventive maintenance and repair helps Public Works avoid more costly emergency expenses and service interruptions. 

How is the rate calculated?

For single and two-family homes, the sewer charge for the first quarterly billing of the year is based on the water consumption prorated to a 91-day standard.  Sewer charges for each of the last three quarters are based on the prorated water consumption, except they will not exceed the figure used in the first quarter.  For all other properties, the sewer charge is based on the actual water consumption for each billing period.

First 100,000 cu. Ft. per month $4.48 per 100 cu. ft.

Next 400,000 cu. Ft. per month $4.48 per 100 cu. ft.

After 500,000 cu. Ft. per month $4.48 per 100 cu. ft.

Minimum Sewer Charges

Minimum Sanitary Sewer charges, based upon size of the water meter, will be the amounts listed below.  The amount includes a fixed base charge and a volume based charge.  The minimum bill is the sum of the base charge and the min volume charge.

Meter Size                                          Base Charge       Min Volume Charge

5/8”                                                       $ 9.00                    $ 7.20 per Quarter

3/4”                                                       $ 9.00                    $ 7.20 per Quarter

1” (single family dwelling)                $ 9.00                    $ 7.20 per Quarter

1” (other)                                             $24.93                    $12.60 per Quarter

1-1/2”                                                   $11.76                   $ 8.80 per Month

2”                                                           $14.85                   $20.00 per Month

3”                                                           $21.00                   $42.00 per Month

4”                                                           $26.25                   $104.00 per Month

6”                                                           $37.11                   $200.00 per Month

8”                                                           $46.95                   $344.00 per Month

10”                                                        $56.31                   $492.00 per Month

12”                                                        $67.44                   $680.00 per Month


How many sewers are in the city?

The City owns and maintains approximately 804 miles of sanitary sewer and 450 miles of storm sewer, located in public streets, alleys, or easements. Most of the sanitary sewer system was constructed during the period 1887 to 1958.     

Does this rate cover the connection to my house?

Over 74,000 sanitary sewer service laterals (the section of sewer pipe that runs from the house to the sewer main) are connected to the City's public sanitary sewer system. There are over 1,000 miles of private sanitary sewer service in the city. Most of the sewer laterals are clay tile pipe or vitrified clay pipe (as originally constructed) and are over seventy years old. Property owners are responsible for cleaning, inspecting and repairing their sewer service lateral from the house to the sewer main connection located in the public street or easement.  This rate does not cover those repairs.

What if I have a problem with my sewer?

If you have encountered a problem with your sanitary sewer service (e.g. sewer backup), your first call should be to Sewer Maintenance at 651-266-9850. All other calls can be directed to our Service Desk at 651-266-6234.

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, you may contact Richard Ekobena of the Sewer Utility at (651)266-6253 or