General Information

The Saint Paul Legislative Code requires all business signs installed within the City of Saint Paul be installed under a permit. A sign permit is required for new signs or to reface existing signs within the City of Saint Paul. If a sign contractor is hired by the property owner, the sign contractor is responsible for obtaining the proper permit and license. After submission of the application, you will be contacted upon approval or if your submission was missing any required information. An email with payment information will be sent upon approval. If you would like to submit your permit application electronically, please email it to:

Code Requirements

See Chapter 64 of the City of Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about business signs. Wall, Free Standing, Projecting, Roof, Awning and Portable Signs are all issued with the sign permit application form. If a sign is part of the awning, a permit for both the sign and the awning is required. Any awning/sign that projects over the Public Right of Way 15" or more must obtain a Certificate of Insurance. Special sign districts in the City of Saint Paul are as follows: Smith Avenue, Highland Village, Grand Avenue, St. Anthony Park, and White Bear Avenue. Properties with a local historic designation must be approved by the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) staff. If signs are illuminated, an electrical permit will also be required. 

Submittal Requirements

  A site plan drawing must be submitted with each application stating the following information (some special sign districts require scaled drawings). For a sign permit application please click here.

  1. All lot dimensions, including street frontage(s). Corner lots must be indicated.
  2. Location of proposed signs shown on a site plan.
  3. Street and alley locations.
  4. Location and square footage of all existing signage on the property.
  5. Include the type, size, height, and location of the proposed sign(s), and a rendering of the sign(s) showing their copy and dimensions.
  6. If the sign is for a multi-tenant building, a master sign plan is required.
  7. If sign projects over public property, indicate its height, ground clearance, and amount of projection into the public right-of-way.
  8. Freestanding and Roof Signs larger than 50 square feet require structural plans.
  9. For any work involving Nonconforming Signs (excluding demolition work), include a certified survey stating the location, size and height of the existing and proposed repaired or replacement sign.
  10. For Wall Signs, include a picture or detailed rendering of the building showing where the sign will be located.
  11. For Portable Signs, include the name and address of the company the sign is being rented from.

Please contact the primary sign permit review staff member Kaozouapang Yang (651-266-9057 or or the Zoning Section (651-266-9008 or at the Department of Safety & Inspections if you have any questions regarding the sign permit process.

Business Sign Permit Fees & Inspections


Call the assigned inspector at 651-266-9002 between 7:30 am to 9:00 am to schedule inspection times. Schedule inspections before starting work.

Wall and Projecting Sign
Per each square foot$3.00
Minimum Permit Fee$85.00
Free Standing and Roof Sign
Per each square foot$3.00
Minimum Permit Fee$91.00
Per linear foot$2.00
Minimum Permit Fee$85.00
Other Sign Fees
Temporary and Portable Sign$85.00
State Surcharge per application (only on signs attached to buildings)$1.00
Demolition of Billboard$85.00
Billboard Extension$85.00
Repair of Existing Signs25% of the fee for a new or replacement sign with a minimum of $85.00
Marquee over Public Property$167.00
Special Sign District Fee$30.00
Penalty FeeStandard permit fees will be doubled when signs are installed without permits

Effective April 3, 2021, a 2.49% service fee will be charged for all credit or debit card transactions and will appear as a separate transaction on your card statement. This fee is charged by the service provider the Department of Safety and Inspections uses to handle credit card transactions. The City will not receive any of the convenience fees.

Last Edited: May 16, 2023