Maria Avenue Triangle


Maria Avenue Triangle is decorated with a small garden to beautify the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood. The traffic triangle and avenue takes on the unique pronunciation of "Mariah."

Maria Avenue Triangle


Howell Park


Thought it may appear like a private property, the triangular strip of land at the intersection of Howell Avenue and Edgecumb Road is in fact a 3/4 acre public park. Visitors will notice its defining feature immediately, a medium-sized boulder in the center of the park.

Howell Park


Cherokee Regional Park

About Cherokee Regional Park

Realized as a potential recreational and natural green space in the early 1900s, Cherokee Regional Park has since developed into one of Saint Paul’s most visited parks, bringing in over 300,000 visitors a year. The park contains playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, BBQ grills, and more spread out across 100 acres of land.

Homecroft Park

About Homecroft Park

The Homecroft Recreation Center building has been repartnered with Saint Paul Public Schools.


Basketball Court
(2) Horseshoe Pits
Picnic Area
Soccer Field
(2) Softball Fields
Tennis Backboard
(2) Tennis Courts

Henry Park

Henry Park is a Mississippi River bluff nature preserve east of Pig's Eye Lake. The land was acquired by the City of Saint Paul in 2006.

Hamline Park

Located alongside Snelling Avenue, Hamline Park contains a variety of amenities for visitors to use across four sections divided by trails. The northern section features a spacious playground, the eastern quarter features a tennis court, to the south is a basketball court as well as bike racks and additional playing equipment, and adjacent to Snelling Avenue is bonus green space.


Basketball Court, BBQ Grill, Benches, Picnic Area, Playground, and Futsal Court

Dawson Park

About Dawson Park

Nestled in the middle of dozens of surrounding houses, Dawson Park has remained an integral piece to Saint Paul's urban canopy over the years. The undeveloped plot of land, measured at nearly 2 acres, is one of several natural preserves in the city,

Cromwell Square

About Cromwell Square

More triangle than square, Cromwell Square is a pleasant patch of green space north of Hampden Park.

Crocus Triangle

About Crocus Triangle

Crocus Triangle is a traffic island.

Crocus Hill Terrace Park

About Crocus Hill Terrace Park

Crocus Hill Terrace Park overlooks I-35E and contributes to Saint Paul's beautiful urban canopy with its densely packed trees.