Como Avenue Horseshoe Courts

About Como Avenue Horseshoe Courts

With amenities for 13 simultaneous games of horseshoes, this popular location is able to host tournaments, trainings, and casual get-togethers.


Horseshoe Courts

College Park

About College Park

Within College Park, visitors will find two tennis courts, a basketball court, and playground equipment for dozens of children to use at a time. The remaining 4+ acres make for a perfect spot for a game of capture the flag.


Basketball Court, Playground, and Tennis Court

Cochran Park

About Corchran Park

Visitors to Cochran Park will immediately notice its primary attraction, a bronze sculpture known as Indian Hunter and His Dog, in the middle of a flowery fountain. Nearby, visitors can take in the view of the sculpture while sitting inside a small brick structure with seating for several individuals.

Central Village Park

About Central Village Park

Central Village Park is as aptly of a named park as anyone will find — uninterrupted trails extend from the park into the surrounding neighborhood, covering an area roughly equivalent to four square blocks. Those south of I-94 will find easy access to the centrally located park via a footbridge connected to the park's friendly trails. Open green space, playground equipment, and two enclosed tennis courts provide visitors with plenty of ways to stay active or relax.

Cayuga Park

About Cayuga Park

Where the new Trout Brook Regional Trail and the popular Gateway State Trail meet, visitors will find Cayuga Park. An all new play area was installed in 2015.


Basketball Court, BBQ Grill, Horseshoe Ring, Picnic Area, and Playground

Cato Park

About Cato Park

It's very possible to be king of the hill at Cato Park — or king of the mound, rather. One look at the traffic island and visitors will notice a gentle mound protruding from the earth. The raised terrain is a unique feature of the neighborhood.

Cathedral Hill Park

About Cathedral Hill Park

Acquired in 1979, Cathedral Hill Park is the perfect welcoming space for visitors to the Cathedral of Saint Paul. The open space, leading into the cathedral's front steps, ensures that no building can ever block the head-on view of the historic landmark. Visitors will find nearby Summit Park more suitable for physical activities.

Carty Park

Carty Park PlaygroundVisitors to Carty Park will find plenty of picnic tables and BBQ grills as well as a two playground areas on the park's eastern half. A half-court basketball court and two tennis courts occupy the remaining half.


Basketball (Half Court), BBQ Grill, Benches, Picnic Area, Playground, and Tennis Court

Capital Centre Plaza

Ecolab Plaza

Near the heart of downtown, Capital Centre Plaza, also known as Ecolab Plaza, is a tree lined plaza with benches perfect for taking an afternoon break. It is also a popular spot to catch food trucks at lunchtime during the warmer months.

Rentals and Reservations

Cambridge Triangle

About Cambridge Triangle

Just west of Macalester college, Cambridge Triangle occupies a 0.07 acre plot of land at the intersection of Cambridge Street, Amherst Street, and Princeton Avenue.