Lower Landing Park

Lower Landing Park sits just outside of downtown Saint Paul where the Mississippi River makes its second major bend. The 21.4 acre park accompanies Lambert's Landing, a historic dock that took in hundreds of ships per day during its peak and is still utilized by tows and passenger steamboats to this day. Several picnic tables located throughout the long park's open lawns provide a unique riverside experience for residents and visitors traveling along the river.  The Samuel H.

Holly Tot Lot

Holly Tot Lot is a popular place for toddlers and their parents, older siblings, and caretakers to engage in play. The tot lot contains toddler  friendly equipment such as a small swing-set, a sand pit, and a small slide.


Benches and Playground

Frost Lake Park

Tucked in the northeast corner of Saint Paul, Frost Lake Park is comprised mainly of Frost Lake and surrounding trees and trails. The Frost Lake Recreation Center has been repartnered with Saint Paul Public Schools.


Baseball Field
Basketball Half-Court
Sledding Hill (Gentle Slope)
Soccer Field
(3) Softball Fields

Douglas Park


Benches, Picnic Area, and Playground


Douglas Park is a small neighborhood park with open space, a picnic area, and playground. 

Culture Park

Wedged between Ramsey County Goverment Center East and Kellogg Park, the half-acre Culture Park contains a cozy sitting area, outfitted with artistic landscaping, overlooking the Mississippi River.

Fitness in the Parks

Fitness in the Parks is a free outdoor exercise program offered throughout the summer. Classes are open to all ages and no registration is necessary.

Como Avenue Horseshoe Courts

About Como Avenue Horseshoe Courts

With amenities for 13 simultaneous games of horseshoes, this popular location is able to host tournaments, trainings, and casual get-togethers.


Horseshoe Courts

College Park

About College Park

Within College Park, visitors will find two tennis courts, a basketball court, and playground equipment for dozens of children to use at a time. The remaining 4+ acres make for a perfect spot for a game of capture the flag.


Basketball Court, Playground, and Tennis Court

Cochran Park

About Corchran Park

Visitors to Cochran Park will immediately notice its primary attraction, a bronze sculpture known as Indian Hunter and His Dog, in the middle of a flowery fountain. Nearby, visitors can take in the view of the sculpture while sitting inside a small brick structure with seating for several individuals.

Central Village Park

About Central Village Park

Central Village Park is as aptly of a named park as anyone will find — uninterrupted trails extend from the park into the surrounding neighborhood, covering an area roughly equivalent to four square blocks. Those south of I-94 will find easy access to the centrally located park via a footbridge connected to the park's friendly trails. Open green space, playground equipment, and two enclosed tennis courts provide visitors with plenty of ways to stay active or relax.

Cayuga Park

About Cayuga Park

Where the new Trout Brook Regional Trail and the popular Gateway State Trail meet, visitors will find Cayuga Park. An all new play area was installed in 2015.


Basketball Court, BBQ Grill, Horseshoe Ring, Picnic Area, and Playground