Gnome Scavenger Hunt 

Treasure map with a Gnome
Update: The Gnomes have moved on from our Saint Paul parks but we hope to welcome them back to our green spaces again soon! If you enjoy scavenger hunts, make sure to check out Como Quest! (And if you were curious for the answers, they are listed in the table below!)

It's a #Gnomevasion!! This popular gnome scavenger hunt has gnome seekers solving clues and exploring Saint Paul parks to find them. Participants share selfies with the Gnome and use hashtag #stpgnometakeover (careful not to give away the location in the photo!)

The Gnomes are hidden in some of Saint Paul's best places to take a winter hike or walk. This is a fun activity for all ages and a great opportunity to get out and about in the beautiful cold-weather season. Can you find the whole Gnome family?

2023-2024 Gnome Clues--Answers below!

2024 Gnome Clues (printable PDF) 

Hint to what the 2024 Gnomes look like!(Don't click that button if you don't want the hint!)

Gnome NamePark Clue
Hazel (ANSWER: Crosby Farm Regional Park, by the "Woman in the Tree")

In its trunk, a woman, not in sorrow or plight,

A captive within, bathed in soft light.

Deep in the woods, where sunlight's a gleam,

Find Hazel's abode, near the magical tree.

Ju-Long (ANSWERS: Phalen Regional Park, Phalen Lakeside Activity Center)

Beneath the gaze of a dragon's lair, 

here colorful boats race with flair.

Seek by the lake, where legends convene,

Ju-Long's haven, enchanting and serene.

Luna (ANSWER: Uŋčí Makhá Park, by the dog park)

Above the Mississippi, where the river does play,

A hidden waterfall is just down the way. 

Luna abides in a park so new, 

Where playful barks and laughter accrue. 

Slayter (ANSWER: Battle Creek Regional Park, crossroads of the cross country ski trails)

Follow the tracks where the pines align, 

To the gnome’s abode, where trails entwine. 

With grace and skill, in the winter’s glow, 

Slayter awaits where the skiers go. 

Dietrich (ANSWER: Como Regional Park, Dietrich Lange Bird Sanctuary)

Seek the memorial to a conservationist's grace, 

A tribute standing in a serene space.

Amidst the trees, where bird watchers peer,

Dietrich the gnome, in peace, is near.

Brooks (ANSWER: Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary, by a bridge that crosses the creek)

No fish may swim in this sanctuary's span,

Yet Brooks, the gnome, has his quiet plan.

Once the trains roared across the rail

Now replaced with a nature trail. 

Lionel (ANSWER: Lilydale Regional Park, along the Brickyard Hiking Trail)

Where the river's melody intertwines with history's tale, 

Seek Lionel's abode, along the trail.

In a place where bricks once molded dreams,

Now, nature reigns with slopes and streams.

Bryce (ANSWER: Rice Park, on the 4th Street side across from the downtown Central Library)

Where urban buzz meets winter's embrace,

Bryce, the gnome hides in an icy space.

In a park that pulses with festival cheer,

He stands frozen, his secret held dear.

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Last Edited: February 13, 2024