July 19, 2023  

Kamal Baker

Saint Paul City Council Votes 6-1 to Put Sales Tax Question on November Ballot

Voters will decide whether to fund improvements to streets and parks through a one-percent increase in the local sales tax or by other means  

SAINT PAUL, MN - Today, the Saint Paul City Council voted 6-1 to place the city’s sales tax proposal on the 2023 general election municipal ballot. Comprehensive improvements to Saint Paul roads and parks are estimated to cost $1 billion over 20 years. To secure funding for estimated costs, the City of Saint Paul is proposing a one-percent increase in the local sales tax. 

“We have a unique opportunity to make an exceptional investment in our city's roads and parks, providing future generations with sound infrastructure,” said Mayor Carter. “We look forward to bringing this conversation to our residents.” 

If passed, funding from a local sales tax would provide $738 million for street improvements and $246 million for parks and recreation facilities improvements. The question that will appear before Saint Paul voters on the November 7 ballot is as follows: 

Should the City of Saint Paul establish a one percent (1%) sales and use tax over the next 20 years to generate $738,000,000 to repair and improve streets and bridges, $246,000,000 to improve parks and recreation facilities, and associated bonding costs? 

A vote YES means that these costs would be funded through the new one percent (1%) sales and use tax. A vote NO means that the majority of these costs would be funded by other local revenue sources, primarily from increased property taxes. 

The city is planning several community engagement opportunities for residents to learn more about the proposed one-percent sales tax increase. Events will be shared on the city’s website and on official city social media channels. To receive updates and learn more about the proposed sales tax, visit 

Saint Paul voters can cast their vote on or before November 7, 2023. Visit Ramsey County Elections & Voting for more information. 


Last Edited: July 21, 2023