The City of Saint Paul is now seeking proposals for a management partner at Frogtown Park and Farm. Frogtown Park and Farm is a unique landmark that has been feeding the community - in more ways than one -  since 2016.

A successful partner would bring the following strategies and resources to Frogtown Park and Farm:

  • A vision that makes the Frogtown Park and Farm a landmark within the surrounding neighborhood and the City as a whole.
  • An operational plan that demonstrates an open, welcoming, and accessible environment for the community while showing a sustainable business model.
  • A vision for diversifying and expanding programming, that will attract a broad range of users.
  • A community spirit that sees the opportunities to host groups and classes and welcome people onto the farm.
  • A plan for operational transparency and community accountability, with robust communication.

The Frogtown Park and Farm management partner will be responsible for all aspects and facets of managing the property which may include: community engagement, staffing, programming, scheduling, daily operations, maintenance, and security, whether the partner is an individual, a team, a firm, or a combination thereof.

How can I apply?

Interested parties can apply online. See the “Attachments” section in the supplier portal for detailed instructions and supplemental materials. Proposals are due April 16, 2024. 

Why is the City seeking proposals for a management partner for Frogtown Park and Farm?                                 

The City enters into contracts with management partners for a limited number of years. This ensures our service partners continue to provide the maximum community benefit as well as respond to changes in community needs over time. When a contract expires, the City routinely puts out a Request for Proposal (RFP) at which point current and prospective new management partners are invited and encouraged to apply.

Last Edited: February 6, 2024